Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spa la la la la la la la awwwwww!

Lance and I have a tradition of going to a day spa for our anniversary. We did it 2 days before our wedding and every year after that. So M went to Grandma's for the morning and we went to The Lodge in Detroit Lakes. If anyone is in need of some pampering and in the DL area...I would highly recommend The Lodge's spa services. We had pedi's and I had a hot stone massage while Lance was getting a mani. It was great. I feel like a new woman, other than the fact that I'm getting a cold. Oh well!
M is still on the bottle strike. I even bought the "boob-like" bottle from Pout (along with some other cute things there) and she doesn't want any of that either. Dang child! I'm going to attribute that to the new tooth and not attitude because then I think about what Miss Thang is going to be like in 13 years and CRINGE! I can feel the grey hair sprouting:/

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Anonymous said...

oh man... That M she knows what she likes! I've been to the Lodge for pedi's before .. fabulous... I would LOVE a massage, sounds like heaven!

oh yeah and robeez are the shoes to stay on baby feet! They are the bomb!