Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day...blah!

I'm not a fan of V-day. This probably seems odd as I am married to the most romantic man on the face of this earth but I've never been a fan of it. I've always had a date for V-day so I'm not jaded, it's just that I think it's a dumb holiday. Why do we have to remind eachother to be nice, loving, romantic, ect just this one time of year. I want it each and every freaking day, not just 2.14.08. I'm a princess and a diva and a high-maintenance wife....L* knows this and married me anyway. I do NOT want to have to tell him to tell me that he loves me or to get me flowers or a nice card. I actually prefer that he doesn't do any of this on V-day. Do it on a random Monday in May. It would mean a whole heck of a lot more on a random day than on V-day. Obviously this is not a holiday with me in mind.
Now if I had a guy who was worthless, um I mean unable to get his sh*t together enough to do something nice for me then yes, I'd probably like V-day even need V-day in order to feel special in regards to this relationship. If that was the case, there's a lot more wrong with the relationship than just some flowers/card/candy are going to fix.

Anyway, I'm off my soap box! Now here's a real holiday...St. Pat.ty's Day!!! Nothing better than kissing Irish people (I'm Irish!! YAY!), drinking green beer, and pitching anyone not in green! Not that's a hoiday:) Plus it's my birthday. This year is the big 3-0!! WOW!! What is in store for my bday you ask. I'm not'll have to ask L*! I can't wait!!! I have no problem with trying 30. I see good things in my 30's such as babies, house paid off, business paid off, more babies!!! Good things!!!

Ok, now I need to shut my mouth because L* just sent me a beautiful bouquet of red, pink&pink/white stripe tulips. I'll take a picture of them tonight to show you. I still don't like V-day but I love tulips!!! Thanks L*xoxo

Friday, February 8, 2008


don't I blog more? Because I have nothing interesting to gab about. That's right folks...I'm boring! I get up, go to work, go to the barn and/or run errands, go home, make supper, then do some scrapping/work out/laundry, then go to bed. Really that is my normal life. Blah!!!!!!
I really need to spice things up!

Maybe I should change professions? If I had to pick a different one right now, I would want to be a bounty hunter like Stephanie Plum. She is the main character in the Janet Evonavich books that I'm reading. Seriously NEED to read these books!!
Now why a bounty hunter you ask??
Do I think I could handle being shot at?? I think I could.
Do I think I could handle having my house broken into all the time?? That one would bother me.
Can I handle dead people? Yep
High speed car chases? Bring it on
Do I want to be Stephanie Plum just so I can have a "Ranger" and "Morelli" of my own? HECK YES!!! Ranger and Morelli are the leading men and very cool characters. I've had a few of those characters in my life at times and they always seem to stir/shake things up. Not always for the good either but they've always been great to look at:)

I think that's what I need... to stir things up a little! As I'm nearing my 30th birthday, I see my life as routine...repetative...bland... That is not what I want! I need some spice! If anyone needs a bounty hunter, I'm available for hire!!! ha ha ha!

Actually I think a little vacation will do just fine, plus I won't be shot at (hopefully) and I already have a leading hottie to bring with me. Are you up for it L*??

Have a great weekend:) I'm hoping to get snowed in.....L* got home this morning.....things are looking spicier by the minute..... ;)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been tagged!

My friend, Kat, tagged me and since I've been absent from the blog world I'm finally getting to it. YAY!! I am a ~tagged~ virgin so this is exciting! I know I need to get a life!! Oh well:)

So, the rules are simple: link to the person who tagged you, list the rules in your blog, share six non-important quirks about yourself, tag at least 3 people, and leave those you tagged a comment so they can play too! Here it goes....

1. I am a "Suzy homemaker"!! I love to cook, bake, do crafts, ect. I don't love to clean but I LOVE a clean house! I've told L* numerous times that him cleaning our house is a HUGE turn on!! He just laughs... at first he thought I was kidding...

2. With that being said, I'm also a diva/princess! I love anything with bling, glitter, sparkle, shine, ect. I love bright colors, animal prints, anything funky/trendy but not funky weird bohemian.

3. I love animals... epsecially baby animals...puppies, kittens, chicks, foals, bunnies, ect. It's a good thing that we don't live in the country or we would have a zoo!

4. I can draw blood (legally as a phlebotomist) from a human no problem, but to give an animal a shot is painful to me. I believe it's because I can tell the human that there's going to be a poke and they understand. I tell my horse that and she doesn't understand. She just looks at me like "why are you hurting me mommy?". It breaks my heart. I can't/won't do it! Actually I can do it as I've had to a couple of times but I'll avoid it at all costs!

5. I SWORE I would NEVER date a younger guy! I had gone out with a couple in college (for about 2 seconds) and they were so ~yuck~ (very hot, but still yuck!) that I didn't want to do that again. Low and behold I married a younger guy!! L* had to do some convincing in order for it to work as I still had the [younger guy + me + dating = BIG YUCK] mindset but it worked! In all actuality, he didn't have to do THAT much convincing...have you seen him?...yum! It's hard to say ~no~ to that:)

6. When I was little, my brother and I were playing in a stairwell (why?? I'm not sure) but someone opened the big steel door (going in and out of the stairwell) directly into my eye. I still have a very nice scar just below my eyebrow from it. You really have to get close to see it but it's there!

I'm very wordy today!!! It just seems to be flowing. Also, my header also seems to have worked itself out and now fits nicely in the green lines. YAY!! The reason Faith (my horse) doesn't have a heart around her is because it wouldn't fit. Because she is at the edge of the picture, I would have had a bunch of white space in the heart and it didn't look good. No, it is not because I love her less...if that was the case then the dogs would have squares as the cats and horse are my favorites!! Not that I don't love the dogs, but they are L* true love not mine. I just love them by association. If I was single I would only have cats and horses...dogs are too needy for me. Plus they smell funny and lick. Yuck! L*, on the other hand, would only have dogs as he thinks cats and maybe horses smell funny, ect. It doesn't help when the "fat one" sits on him and sneezes in his face or turns around and gives him the "business end". (It is funny as hell though!!) We do compromise for eachother!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Like my new header??

I can't seem to get the dang thing a tish shorter so it'll fit into the green lines. Oh well.. I'll try to fix it later:)
I'll also update/write more tomorrow including my ~tag~ from Kat!! :) It's the first time I've been tagged! YAY! I've gotta head to bed as I'm on call this week:)