Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soooo behind:/

Why yes there is someone who still lives over here! Yikes! It's like I've been on vacation but not in the good way. Too much life and not enough living and enjoying. I will be here EVERY DAY in December though!! I'm doing the Journal Your Christmas again so I'm going to use this blog to help me remember everything:)

I will have lots of babe pics too because Mr Man is going to be 6 months old! Holy crap! Miss Thang too:)

So December will see a lot of action over here and I hope to keep it up from here on out. See ya later November! You've been great to us in MN... we have no snow! WOOT WOOT! Please inform your brother December that we'd like to keep it that way for another 20+ days;) May Dec 1 bring me less pain since I'm seeing the chiro tomorrow after work. I'm also bringing Jax to him on Friday to see if he can help him to sleep. Getting up 4-6 times a night STILL is NOT ok!! This momma needs some relief! Oh and I also started my diet with Weight Watchers online. Yes, I know...why before the holidays? Because I don't want to lose anymore than I already have too. Today is day 3 and its going well so far:) 30 lbs to go.....