Sunday, January 30, 2011

P52 Week 4

Here is my pic for Week 4:)
This is Lance & Makenna reading the new book she received from Auntie Vicki & Uncle Terry for Christmas. She loves all the animals!!

Here is a 20 week belly shot! Holy crap! Huge-ness!!!! Please excuse the paste-y white skin as I really need to get my tan on but I'm pretty sure frostbite would kick in first around these parts:/ The 2nd pic with the long sleeve shirt is 20 weeks with M.

I'm a litlle bigger with this one it seems. I think my butt is A LOT bigger with this one:/ Time to hit the treadmill!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

$662.83 later.

Yep that is the bill (so far) for my fat cat, Maui, + his mysterious rapid onset illness. Last Sunday or Monday (I can't remember which day) Maui threw up. He's a long haired cat that we normally shave but not in the winter as we don't want to freeze his henie off. So, I didn't think too much of it. Then the next day he was throwing up every couple of hours and it had blood in it. Besides the fact that this was really disgusting, this is so not normal. Then we noticed his stool was loose (TMI) and contained blood. So off to the vet he went on Wed.

He's been there ever since. He's had xrays done, blood work, urinalysis, fluids given, loads of meds given, all sorts of things but the vets still aren't real sure what's wrong with him. They do know he has sturvite crystals in his urine along with a UTI so he's on antibiotics and special food for that. They think he has ulcers (that's causing the bleeding) and/or a severe bacterial infection in his GI tract. Again... no one is really sure what's going on and why it all happened so fast. I picked him up this afternoon on the vet's recommendations that he would be more comfortable at home over the weekend since he has not had a bloody stool or vomit for 24 hrs but he's also getting anti-nausea meds. He's still not looking great and really needs a bath but he seems more comfortable and not as crabby. We have him locked up so he doesn't get too far from the litterbox as that's a mess I don't want to have to deal with!

He has to have meds given twice a day plus I need to give a subcutaneous injection of his anti-nausea meds. I've never given a cat an injection before but the vet tech showed me how and I did it at the clinic plus I've poked tons of humans and horses so I'm not too concerned. I just hope he is on the mend now.

That vet bill is really cutting into the scrapbook fund;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

I'll post pics soon but I am just too tired tonight to do any of the millions of things I should get done.

We're so excited and I'm a little shocked. I was totally expecting another girl so I just don't have a grasp on this boy thing quite yet. I'm still in shock:) Not that I'm not thrilled...I'm just not sure how to change from the purple and fuschia bling and glitter buying/loving momma to a boy momma. Can boys where bling? EEK! I suppose only if they are a rapper, huh?  LOL

I'm going to bed! Just didn't want to leave you hanging:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Makenna's new trick & other things.

Well 1st on the newest baby front.... we have our "big" appt on Tues morning. Any guesses as to what we are having??? As long as its a healthy babe, that's all we care. I do seem to be stuck in girl mode though as I have a couple girl names we're pretty set on and nothing for a boy. Plus I'd really like to use M's clothes again BUT a boy would be fun as it would be something new and different. I've felt movement for several weeks now so that is always reassuring but I still have u/s anxiety from what we went through with Lily. I hate u/s appts until they are over and its good news. It seems that I have doubled in size overnite. I woke up this morning and my belly is huge compared to last night. Even Lance did a double take when he saw me today! I'll take a 20 week pic tomorrow or actually I'll have Lance take a pic.

Here is Makenna's latest trick!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

P52 Week 2 & 3 I'm already a little behind but it's only on the posting. This has been a busy week for a non-procrastinator turned procrastinator when pregnant. We had our annual meeting and banquet for NDQHA (North Dakota Quarter Horse Association) on Sat and I had a million and one things to do that I normally would not have left to the last minute but when I'm pregnant and feeling like crap.... oh well... I had a lot of things to do! Anyway!

Here is the Week 2 picture.

Makenna wasn't feeling well and as a result was having a hard time sleeping. She woke up really early this morning and Daddy went to get her. They had some breakfast then snuggled on the couch for a nap or really to go back to sleep:) This is how I found them when I woke up (I got to sleep in!! Wonderful!!).

Today I'm not feeling well. I over did it yesterday at the banquet + I have Makenna's cold. Lance asked what I wanted for lunch and being the NON-high maintenance person that I am (~wink~) I said I want
 these pancakes from the Pioneer Woman's food photo challenge. (Photo below taken by manda2177 from flickr) Seriously... how FABULOUS are these pancakes?!! Love them!
 I was totally kidding about them needing to be colored but I did want pancakes. So I could hear Lance rustling around in the kitchen... he told me lunch was ready and look what I found....

Here is my Week 3 pic.

How cool is that? OK so I arranged the pancakes and put the syrup on BUT he made me colored pancakes and I was totally kidding about the colored part!! He's a great guy:)

Here's a bonus picture.... I'm the youth advisor for NDQHA and my wonderful kids got me flowers for the banquet. How great are they? I'm very blessed to have such wonderful youth to work with. I don't know how they figured purple?!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh to be a cat.

Let me walk you through a day in the life of Uggs, our Ragamuffin.

He sleeps with us every night, unless Uncle Lee is here in which case he bops back and forth from our bed to Lee's bed. I call him my "butt warmer" because he is always pressed up against my butt or the back of my thighs when he sleeps.

So yesterday morning he:
  •  got up with me
  • had his morning treat while I had breakfast
  • played in the jacuzzi tub (M's bath toys are in there) while I showered
  • drank water from Lance's sink
  • took a nap in his cubes in the living room
  • I got home from a baby shower and Lance went to take a nap so Uggs went with him*
*Uggs has a "no one sleeps in our bed without him" rule :/
  • they slept for hours until I finally woke them up at 4:45pm
  • Lance got up...Uggs did not :/
  • we made supper and played
  • Uggs finally staggered down from our room to see what Makenna was screaming and laughing at
  • Lance gave M a bath while Uggs supervised
  • Uggs & I snuggled on the couch for awhile
  • M went to bed
  • shortly after that Uggs & I went to bed.
Now seriously?! How much sleep does 1 cat need? Apparently he got too much yesterday because he was up at 4:30am playing in our bathtub making all sorts of ruckus. He must have worn himself out though because when M woke me up at 7am, he was warming my butt again. Lazy meow:/ 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am going to participate in P52....its the easier version of the die hard P365 which is to take one picture every day. I'm just not up to that. I sometimes have a hard time brushing my teeth once a day** much less taking pics all the time.

**Normally I'm a freak about brushing my teeth but I'm SO sick of gagging everytime I brush my teeth with this pregnancy that I really have to "talk myself into it". Ick.**

So P52 is to take a picture once a week. Well shoot, even I can do that:) So Stacy and I are doing P52...anyone care to join us?

I thought my pic for the week would be of M's 1st gymnastics class but I had NO time to grab the camera as she was a maniac and loved every minute of it! So when we got home, Lance's parents were at our house...they stopped by to drop off Christmas presents since the Haugen-Olson Xmas was cancelled due to all the snow. (oh shoot! lol) So here is my picture of the week:)

Monday, January 3, 2011

My scraps.

As a scrapper, it is SO hard to part with any pretty paper or quality cardstock or really anything that might be able to be used on a scrapbook page NO MATTER how small it is. I have a nice stash of scraps that are neatly organized in a hanging file folder thing that I NEVER touch. It just sits on my shelf collecting dust.

Why you ask? I have no idea. I just don't think to look through them.

I was at a weekend crop with the girls in November and sitting next to me is Stacy digging through her stash of scraps never having to cut into a precious 12x12 paper. Jealous much... as I'm cutting into my favorite glitter paper:/ So Stacy inspired me to get with it and find a way to organize those scraps so I'll actually USE them.

I searched on 2Peas for storage ideas. Heck, I've even graduated from the Wookiemouse Organizational Challenge (that's how my scraps actually got organized) but I just didn't know what would help me to look through the scraps first. Finally I found another like mind and she organizes by size. Hmmmm....I think that is what I need to do. Most of the time there are several colors that would work but I need a certain size piece of paper. So, this evening I pulled out all my scraps (except the one's in my crop bag, because I forgot about those.) and cut them to normal, not funky edges, sizes and put them in ziploc bags according to size. I have small cardstock, medium cardstock, long narrow cardstock (for edge punches) and at least 1 edge is 12x12 cardstock + 1 bag of pp. I am loving this system so far!! Granted I haven't ~used~ it yet but it just seems to make sense in my head + I can take them with me to crops!!! Bonus!

So thank you Stacy for inspiring me to be a scrap user!! I appreciate it:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

First off, I apologize for the silence over here. I still am feeling crappy 50-75% of the time so its hard for me to even get on the computer much less blog. No one wants to hear how crappy I feel and I have a hard time coming up with anything else at the moment.

This too shall pass!

2nd, Happy New Year to everyone!! We have had our 5 or 6th winter storm and are completely snowed in for the 2nd day in a row. All the roads are shut down and no travel is advised. We're hoping to get out tomorrow for church and brunch but we'll see. Since we've been snowed in, Lance's families Christmas was cancelled (its usually on NYE or NYD) since no one was traveling anywhere in eastern ND or western MN. This is not always a bad thing considering the drama that has been plaguing that family lately;)

I can't remember the last time I updated on BabyPITA** (lol!) but I had another great dr's appt. Very healthy heartbeat, no weight gain, good blood pressure, ect. We scheduled "the big" u/s for Jan 25. It's going to be a Level II u/s just because of our history with Turner's Syndrome with Lily. We did this with M too and found nothing concerning. Our OB is VERY cautious and conservative and anal so this is what he wants. Fine by me....except the appt is at 7am. Ick!

**We are VERY happy to be pregnant again and feel very blessed with this baby but its either laugh or cry with how crappy I've felt and I'm much more of a joker so BabyPITA it is**  :)

Everything else is going well. Christmas was great. We had my brother and mom here and it was perfect. Uncle Lee and Miss Thang get along a little TOO well....they were up to something all the time. M loved opening the presents and truly savored every gift she was given. I was blessed with some purple Ugg slippers (thank you Uncle Lee), some great scrapbook and horse stuff (thanks mom &gma) and an color changing Ipod dock. That thing is SO cool!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I will be better on the blog front... I swear!!