Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everyone's healthy!

Yay!!!! Makenna is healthy and wild. I'm feeling better. Lance is on the mend although he's got a problem with snoring's driving me nuts!! We're all on the up and up:) I never in a MILLION years thought I would be so glad to see Miss M have a solid poo! What a truly glamorous life I lead:/

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! I sat on the back patio for a few minutes to enjoy the peace and warmth. M was at Jaye's (daycare) so I could get some house things done while I'm on spring break. Lance was home so we actually moved his office from the old playroom with no doors on it to one of the spare bedrooms with a door and a lock. Lance has lots of chemicals in his office so we want to be able to lock little persons out of there. We're going to change his old office back into a playroom for M. I can't wait to start painting and decorating it! I'm going to do a chalkboard wall so she (& I) can draw and write. I'm thinking very Pottery Barn-esque.

I received my new showmanship outfit today. Love it!! I'll post pics after my first show in a couple of weeks. I'm off to ride tomorrow and run errands and I probably should do some school work since spring break is ending soon. My new quarter starts on Monday.

I made a FABULOUS homemade carrot cake w/ homemade cheesecream frosting courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. Yummy!!! She knows good food! PW also has an appreciation for a nice Wrangler butt which I can totally get behind;) ha ha ha ~Behind!!!~ So I need some sleep! I may need some caffiene too since I haven't been able to enjoy a diet dew for 5 days!!
5 DAYS PEOPLE!!!! I don't know what my problem is?? This has NEVER happened under regular circumstances. There have been only 2 times that I couldn't drink diet dew......

Oh God......


I KNOW it's not possible.

Please let the diet dew fairy bless me with a yummy dew tomorrow. Please.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All night long!

Makenna slept that is!!! She slept completely through the night last night! SWEET! Since my birthday, a week ago, we went to Minneapolis, did a lot of shopping, visiting with friends and family, all of us got sick with sicked colds (Makenna the worst) and are now trying to play catch up and heal. We had some pretty roughs nites since poor Miss M couldn't breathe when she was laying down so we took turns with her sleeping on our chests. Not great sleep or any sleep for us but she was starting to heal. We tried everything to help her (really US) out...vaporizer/humidifier, elevating the crib on 1 end, nice warm jacuzzi bath for all of us, ect. FINALLY she is making the turn for the better and slept all night long! YAY!!!! Oh she's also getting more teeth so that's not helping either. Poor thing is blowing snot faster than we can keep the tissues and boogie wipes coming.
So, I'm hoping to keep her on the sleeping through the night schedule again which hasn't been the case since she started teething back in December. Before that, she was a rockstar sleeper. Let's hope this trend continues or Miss Thang could end up being an only child;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On my birthday...

whew. I'm going to bed. I'm beat.

I'm OLD.

Grandma needs a nap.

More tomorrow after I rest up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On the 2nd day of my birthday week...

Makenna and I made frosted sugar cookies the shape of shamrocks, tulips, butterflies & Easter bunnies. They are VERY delicious!

I got most of our stuff together/packed to head to the cities tomorrow after I'm done teaching. We're going to join Lance down there and I'm going to shop my @ss off! Yay!! I haven't been serious shopping in a very long time! Outlet mall, scrapping stores, IKEA, the Shoppes @ Arbor Lakes....I can't wait:)

M & Lance are going to spend some quality time together in the pool while I shop then we'll all go shop and sight see.

As I'm typing I just had a little piranha crawl by and bite my big toe! Little stinker!! She's sure testing out her new teeth...all 6 of them plus 2 more that are about to pop through.

Also, we are not ready to start TTC yet. Soon I'm sure but not quite yet! I'm enjoying the not pregnant feeling! Plus being a 3/4 time single mom to a baby + being pregnant isn't all that appealing to me:/

Monday, March 15, 2010

On the 1st day of my birthday week...

I had the day from hell at work BUT I came home to find my new contacts and 3 new cricut cartridges in the mail!! Yippee! (Cricut is a scrapbooking thing!) Things were looking up after that! Too bad it was already 7pm:) Oh well.

If you do NOT want to know the inner workings of my body and feminine parts then do NOT read any further down. Just move on. Lee, I'm warning you! If you continue to read you will be scarred.

Do not say I didn't warn you!

So I got my period last week (Wed evening actually). The last time I got my period was....


ok myabe not THAT long ago but it was a LONG time without. It was 10 months of pregnancy plus 9 months of breastfeeding (I still am because Miss Thang refuses anything else although the sippy cup is coming along) = 19 months. So it was Sept 2008 the last time Mother Nature came to visit. Nice!

I wasn't too disappointed to see it's return. It would be nice to wrap up the BFing and get my body back to my own before the next little space invader blesses us. Hopefully soon.
(on the end of bf'ing! Not the little space invader!!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

9 month appt.

No I didn't forget M's 9 month bday! We were just so busy playing that I forgot to post about it:) We had M's 9 month appt today. She's in the 75% for everything except weight. She gained a little over a lb in 3 months but she grew 2 inches and has a great head size. So the pedi isn't worried at all about the lack of weight gain due to M finding her wheels very early. As the Dr. was talking to us, Miss Thang mowed down a ton of veggie puff things. The pedi said she obviously has no problem with eating! I explained M's eating was 2nd only to her cruising. She loves to eat! Especially if I let her take it w/ her up the stairs.
Makenna has officially hit the limit of her infant carrier. 28 inches! No wonder some of her pants look like high waters!! We have an awesome Britax convertible seat that's permenantly in my vehicle so we're going to get another one for our daycare lady and Lance to share.

After M's appt, we went to the mall to have some lunch and buy her a bigger swimsuit. I think she'll be able to wear her current one (size 18 months) for another week or so but then it'll be too small. I can't believe I had to buy her an 18-24 months suit?!! It looked so huge!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happenings in The Haugen Household.

  • Miss Thang has 2 more top teeth!
  • I have the stomach flu:/
  • Lance & M are at swimming.
  • I have the flu.
  • The house is pretty clean thanks to Jaye taking M last Thurs so I could spring clean my ass off.
  • I feel like shit.
  • 3 more classes to teach until the end of the quarter then I have 2 weeks off!
  • I HAVE to go to work tomorrow. Last class before finals.

Did I mention I have the flu?? Ick! Ha! Oh well.. could be worse... I could have smallpox or polio or a bad haircut! EEK! The very thought makes me shutter!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OK Slacker.

I really need to get back on the blog train. I have no idea why I'm such a slacker. Could it be because I chase Miss Thang up the stairs 5 trillion times a day? Or because I have to pin her down with 1 hand/arm/elbow while using the other to change her diaper all the while turning my head away from the shrieks so she doesn't kill my ears and/or flip herself off the changing table? Or because I have 2.5 weeks left of this quarter and have been buried in grading papers and making lectures? Or because I'm a single parent most of the time most recently due to Lance going to Vegas for Nascar? Hmmm... when's my freakin vacation??? That's a WHOLE OTHER post! Don't even get me started!
Or maybe I'm just a slacker and need to learn to multi-task. Ha! An inside joke! Don't EVEN get me started on that one either!

M and I went to Water Babies swim class today. We had a great time again but the water wasn't real warm. The lessons are at a local college so I think for the next session, I'll take her to the Y instead to see if the water is warmer there. M loves the water but wasn't real impressed with it being that chilly. I wasn't either!

Other than that, it's been work and Miss Thang and that's about it. I need some excitement in my life like a trip to Mexico or a new pair of shoes (or 17) or new horse!! Something to shake things up :)