Monday, October 31, 2011

Cows & tigers & unicorns, Oh my!

Happy Halloween everyone! There will be pictures to come after 1 & 2 get up from their naps and we head out on our 1st trick or treating experience. It's going to be a brief one since the wind has quite the bite to it and I don't want to freeze my herd;)

It's been a long few weeks here. Lance was gone for 2 weeks and Jax is teething + got his 1st cold which = not sleeping. Plus I was asked to teach another class at work with 37 students in it. I'm going to be grading until I'm blue in the face and then some! Oh well:) I love fall. I love Halloween. I love pumpkin. Now if I could just get some of that lovely sleep then I'll be good;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

We haven't...yet....

So we didn't put an offer in on the farm....yet. I'm still trying to decide exactly how much I can do by myself since Lance is gone so much.

Questions I ask myself...

  1. do I really want to tackle a hobby farm with 2 little kids?
  2. do I really want to have to do chores (horse) twice a day? With 2 little kids? In -40 degree weather?
  3. do I want to start renovating an old farm house in the winter in MN?
  4. do I want to lose out on this awesome farm?
  5. how great would it be to have my horse live at my house?
The list goes on and on. I'm still undecided. There are currently no offers on the place except a super low ball offer (like they offered half the asking price:/ like that's going to happen?!) Also...since it is a foreclosure, the bank won't take or entertain any offers with contingencies. In this housing market, that doesn't sit well with me. I do NOT want 2 mortgages!

Ideally, I'd like to obtain the farm in the spring but then what problems are we going to have after the place has sat empty over the winter? It has been winterized if that helps at all?? Decisions decisions... 

Anyone have any helpful insight??

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Should we???

We went and looked at a place in the country last weekend. The house is tiny compared to our house (but our current house is freakishly large) but the location and outbuildings are perfect! It's only 7 miles outside of B'ville so we would still be in the Bville school district which is also what we want. It is a foreclosure property so all offers have to be in by 2pm today.....we're thinking of putting an offer in and if we get it then great and if not then that's fine too. We ultimately want to end up in the country and this is the perfect location for us. It's right off the interstate which is great for commuting + no gravel roads. There's a barn with 11 stalls in it and an indoor arena. LOVE! The place needs a lot of work and cleaning up and out but give us a year or 2 and it will be fabulous. It all depends on how much work we want to do.....

I'll let you know what we decide..... :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011