Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the 3rd day of Christmas...

I ask you questions!

  1. Did you/do you give your baby juice and/or water? What age and how much? (I'm thinking of trying this in a bottle to get M to take the bottle again.)
  2. M is getting Stage 1 baby food. Stage 2 baby food says that it is for babies that sit. Well she does that. She topples over every once and a while when she dives to get the cat or a toy but she's pretty stable on her own. So can I move to Stage 2 foods?
  3. Are there any shoes that actually stay on a babies feet? When we go outside I really feel like I need to have more than just socks on her.
  4. Don't you think my fabulous neighbor who laughed at my post about M crawling should be the first one signed up to babysit Miss Wild Thang? hmmm....Gina Gina Sexmachina?? tee hee

I'm off to bed. M did not sleep well last night. We were up 3 times and by the looks of the bags under my eyes, I need some beauty sleep! Yikes! The good news is Lance is coming home late tonight so we can tag team Miss M. YAY!!!

Nite nite!

Oh, I forgot to add that one of my scrapbook pages from last year's Journal Your Christmas was one of the featured layouts in today's prompt. I didn't know about it until I opened up the email this morning! I was thrilled!!! Yay me!! ha ha ha



I'd LOVE to babysit - Bring her on!

Juice... hmmmm you could mix some pear juice in with some water and try to get her to take it. I didn't do much juice until after 12 months and then always mixed it 50/50 with water. I always pushed the water with my kiddos first. Have you looked for these bottles? I think they sell them at pout in fargo.

My thoughts on baby food is, if she can finish the whole #1 one she's ready for #2. I'd go for it!
Way to go on scrapping!! YOU Rock!

Jen said...

I never gave Jillian much juice, but I did start giving her water occasionally somewhere around that age. By a year old when she was getting most of her nutrition from solids, I started offering it to her whenever she wanted. There is almost always a sippy of water around.

You should be able to make the move to Stage 2 foods without a problem. I didn't notice too much of a difference in the consistency.

As for shoes, I've found that Stride Rite has a pretty good selection and for the most part Jillian doesn't take them off too much. Also when she was MacKenna's age we had these great knit moccassins with a leather type bottom. I've seen them at Target, I think.

Morgan said...

Did you/do you give your baby juice and/or water? My Pedi told me they don't really need juice for awhile, but water never hurts. He said to give it to them in a sippy cup and not a bottle, even at such an early age, because it helps them like the sippy cup to and get used to it for the future.

Can I move to Stage 2 foods? I would buy a jar of it and see how she does..but we moved Mason to Stage 2 and 3 foods early and he did just fine with them and liked some of them better than Stage 1.

Are there any shoes that actually stay on a babies feet? Mason is almost 11 months old and I have yet been able to find shoes that stay on. It's a pain in the ass..seriously! I want his little feet to be warm and I also feel he needs more than socks on his feet in this weather. He wont even leave his socks on soon as I put them on he reaches down and yanks them off. Little smarty pants! lol! But, if you ever find shoes that stay on..please tell me! LOL!

Shannon said...

I don't think we did much juice before 12 mo. I still mix it with some water. I did start giving some water in a sippy though.

Stage 2 food is pretty similar to stage 1. The 3rd stage is way more chunky. She should be fine with stage 2.

We always used Robeez shoes when they were little. The little soft leather ones. They stay on and are very cute. I know Target carries an off-brand of them too. They're great!

Molly said...

We didn't do juice much - I'd do water at this point. Hopefully she'll quit the bottle strike for you soon!

It's all about consistency with the stages...the further you go along the more texture there is to the baby food. If she'll tolerate the "thicker" 2nd stage - I'd go for it. It's probably still thinner than the regular cereal you're feeding her.

ROBEEZ!! Love EM! They keep their little socks on and their toes warm and covered. Plus the soft-sole is good for their feet and pre-walking. My kids lived in them until they were at least 18 months!