Monday, May 30, 2011

2 WEEKS!!!

14 DAYS!! YAY!!! We are having a huge storm right now so I was kind of hoping that would help shake Baby Boy loose but alas he's not moving. I don't think he's going to move on his own at all:/ I have another appt on Thursday so I'll let you know how it goes:)

1 WEEK from today....Makenna turns 2! How the heck can that even be?! I look at her and she just doesn't look like a baby anymore....much more like a little girl and it kinda breaks my heart but it also makes my heart soar with pride. She's wild, athletic, too smart for anyone's good, sensitive, independent but yet she still needs her Momma at times. She'll run around with the big kids and play so hard but yet every once in a while she'll come back to get some Momma snuggles. I love this! I've been trying to spend a lot of extra quality time with her as we both know things are about to change. For the better but that might be hard for her to realize sometimes. I'm hoping we can make her transition to being a big sister easy for her. She's such a good Momma to her babies...I'm hoping that will transfer to her brother too.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! A HUGE thank you to all the service men and women, including my cousin in Afghanistan, for the sacrifices that you have and continue to make to ensure our safety and freedom! We will forever be in debt to you. For those that have given their life for their country and its residents, no words can even express how much we appreciate everything sacrificed by the military families.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have carpet!!

ZEBRA carpet that is!! In my scraproom! LOVE it!!! The rest of the basement carpet was finished today along with both bedrooms, one of which happens to be my scraproom. I have always wanted zebra carpet in my scraproom so when Lance flooded the basement...I got it! I did also get enough of the matching  basement carpet for when my scraproom becomes a bedroom again. I'm moving the zebra carpet back upstairs with me when the nursery is no longer needed and it becomes my scraproom again. Woot woot!

Now I need to touch up the painting while everything is out of there then start moving everything back in. I cannot wait until its all functional again. I have the major itch to scrap! I haven't scrapped a stitch since I went to a retreat in Feb with the girls. That is a huge drought for me. I was going to try to hit some crops at my LSS but I can't even find my stuff enough to do that. Plus this pregnancy has kicked my butt!

I had another OB appt today. Baby boy dropped lower but thats about all that is moving towards "go" time. I'll probably have to be induced because he's just too dang comfy in there:/ As long as its not on M's bday then I'm good with it!

I'll post pics of the new carpet and paint job as soon as its done...hopefully tomorrow!

Have a happy Memorial Weekend! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another OB appt.

I have 3 weeks and 1 day left! YAY!! I've been having some contractions so my OB wanted to check to see how things are looking ~down there~. I'm dialated 1 cm, baby's head down but still pretty high. I lost another lb... I'm sure it's due to the diabetic diet + the nice weather and being outside. My blood pressure is on the rise and much higher than what it was last week but my OB didn't seem too concerned. Overall, it was a good appt:)

I ran a bunch of errands afterwards then M and I planted some flowers in my pots and started making some Memorial Day sugar cookies. They are still in dough form chilling in the fridge.

We have a graduation tomorrow and I'm hoping to get all the rest of the wallpaper pulled down in the basement since our new carpet should be in the store this week and in our house by next week...hopefully!! I can't wait to get my scraproom put back together. I've been going through major withdrawals!!

My laptop is still out of has several viruses + hard drive failure:/ The next computer I get, I'm going to try an Apple. I'm so sick of the Dell and HP's being so disposable and unreliable. My laptop isn't even 1 yr old. It's still under Dell warranty but if it wasn't it would cost almost as much to replace the hard drive as the computer itself cost. Dumb!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I love my LSS!!!

I really have one of the best LSS around! The owner is fabulous! I attend many of her events and always have a great time. She has great product and wonderful customer service. I sound like a PSA for her but I truly love having such an amazing store so close.

After M's 2 yr pics, we grabbed some lunch then ran to my LSS because she honors Michael's coupons on Mondays and I knew she has gotten in a ton of new merchandise + she ordered the new grape soda We R Memory Keepers album for me.

I only made it half way through the store before Baby Boy was kicking the crap out of me and I was getting really crampy so this is what I purchased. I need to go back and check out all the rest of the good stuff! I do also realize that I have virtually no boy stuff except the 4th of July paper. The Echo Park Summer Days could be used for both M and Baby Boy too. I totally skipped over the Doodlebug Boy Birthday line. Habit, I guess. That's one I'll be going back for:)

(Please excuse the crappy cell phone photos! My laptop still isn't done. )

Love Love LOVE this album color!!! I already asked Kay when she's getting more since I NEED to have several of these!!! It is as purple as you can possible get!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm home alone. With my feet up. Wearing stretchy pants + a hoodie. Sipping a diet dew fountain pop. Needing something to snack on but I'm too comfy to move and get it. Craving a nap but needing to grade papers. With 1 new magazine (Creative Spaces - all about scraprooms) and 1 new book (Mamarazzi -Photographing kids) sitting next to me just itching to be flipped open. Waiting for the UPS man to deliver our new fancy schmancy double stroller. Missing my sweet baby/big girl since I've been on the move so much this week but loving the peace and quiet that I know will be ending soon with the addition of Mr. Man. Listening to the "fat one" aka Maui (our cat) snore. Craving some scrapping time but knowing that isn't going to happen for a good while because of the ripped apart basement. Finding the silver lining of our basement getting ZEBRA carpet in my scraproom! WOOT WOOT! Lance didn't dare say no given that I'm hormonal, hugely preggo and super pissed off about the water issue. LOL! Sometimes it pays to be a drama queen;) or bitch!! Ha Ha!

Happy Friday to all!! Only 4 weeks left of this pregnancy! Baby boy was given the green light to come anytime now by Dr. R :) Hopefully I'll have my computer fixed and back to me sometime next week so I can post some pics. Miss Thang had her 1st haircut last night! She was absolutely perfect for it! She has her 2 yr pics on Monday. Can't wait:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where oh where???

has the time gone? It's almost been a month since my last blog post:/ Yikes!!

I've given up on P52 (sorry Stac!!). I haven't uploaded pics for awhile + my computer crashed or got a virus so something so I'm using my old dinosaur laptop while Geek Squad fixes mine. I'm hoping my Carbonite backed up everything so I don't lose anything if they have to wipe out my hard drive.

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 3 weeks ago. What a pain in the ass:/ BUT at least I don't have to do the insulin shots. I can regulate everything with diet and exercise so far. I'm sick of poking my fingers though. I feel sorry for anyone who is truly diabetic... it sucks! Thank God mine is temporary!

I have almost 1 month left! Wahoo!! I'm very ready for this pregnancy to be over and done with. Baby Boy is growing right on track. He's still name-less unless you count the fact that I was planning on naming him Olivia because I thought he was a she:/

Makenna is starting to hit the trouble 2's. She's a great little girl but oh man does she have attitude. Yikes! + she's a drama queen. She'll be 2 in a little over 1 month. We are having a Hello Kitty birthday party for her but it's going to be a flexible party as who knows when Baby Boy will be joining us:) Makenna LOVES all things Meow-related. She picked out her party stuff. I just let her loose in Party America and of course she went start to the cat stuff. It's very cute though:)

We still do not have carpet in our basement and its ALL torn up. I picked out the carpet today and God willing, we'll have it in by the end of May/beginning of June. Hopefully before Baby Boy arrives. I've been nesting like crazy so the upper 3 levels of the house look great or at least good since I still have some to go but the lower 2 levels are painful with everything tossed everywhere.

We finally had our 1st 80 degree day today. Love it!! I'm not one who likes hot weather especially when its humid but even I can appreciate the warmth after the long and crappy winter we had. I'm looking forward to being able to work outside in the flower bed and landscaping and BENDING OVER!!

Makenna has her 2 yr pics next Monday with the same photographer we've used since she was born. Baby Boy has newborn pics set up with her too. I'm doing a wall of pics taken by Rialee so I want both to have sets of photos taken by her for at least this year for M and the next couple for Baby Boy. 

I can't believe how fast 2 yrs have gone for Makenna! I went through her clothes and made 2 piles. 1 are my favs that I'm keeping for my brother when he decides to settle down and have babies. (PLEASE let him have girls!! I have SO many cute things!!) and 1 pile to garage sale. We decided to do a huge garage sale next spring during B'ville's City Wide Sale and get rid of the majority of our baby stuff as I'm NOT doing this again. I did want 3 kids but I most certainly do not want to go through another pregnancy like this. Ick! It's really hard to even think of parting with some of Makenna's stuff but right now I just can't see myself ever wanting to be pregnant again. I guess only time will tell. Plus I'm getting OLD!! LOL!

That's it for now. I swear I'll post again! Sooner than later:)