Sunday, December 20, 2009

Breads a baking.

Wow does it smell good! We've had a few mishaps in the kitchen during the bread baking including the "oven safe" pot and lid (it says it on the box!!) basically melting in the oven during the pot warming process. Thank God that the bread wasn't in there. So that set the bread baking back 30 mins. Everything is going well so far now...

I rode my horse this afternoon (with my mom). It's so nice to get out to the barn. I used my new Roth work pad and LOVE it! Faith is going really well. She's slightly out of shape but is moving great. She's jet black except for her nose and around her eyes and looks gorgeous!

Miss Thang went down awesome tonite plus she had a big nap today??? So not like her! I'll take it though! Hopefully she's not up all nite. I'm wrapping up Christmas cookies, baking bread and working in my scraproom while watching the doesn't get much better than this! I think I might fire up the jacuzzi tub and have a nice bubble bath too.

Only 4 days til Christmas!!! Are you ready? I am:)

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