Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last day of class!!

Woooo Whooooo!!! One little lonely final to give this afternoon along with loads of grades to enter then I'm done! Well just for this quarter:) I do need to order lab stuff for next quarter and review what I'm teaching...I think it's probably helpful if your teacher at least ~looks~ over what she's teaching you;) ha ha!

Tonight is Chix Nite at the theatre then dinner and drinks and white elephant. Fun Fun!! Tomorrow is going to be full of Christmas cookies and wrapping of presents plus snuggling with the anti-snuggle M. I might have to resort to hugging a cat instead as they are WAY more receptive.

Happy almost Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not going... :( boo hoo!!

Good luck with your last day of class!

Jen said...

It's sad when they won't snuggle with you. Jillian is often way to independent for that. Except when she is sleepy like when she first woke up this morning. I could have sat there an snuggled with her for hours if I didn't have that silly job to go to.