Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Its my mom's 57th birthday today. So in honor of her being OLD (tee hee), we went & got our hair cut & colored and went out to lunch plus a little shopping. I've been harassing mom about trying my fabulous hair stylist. Finally she caved. Her hair looks SO GREAT!!! I should have taken pics. It's very cute. Mine is rockin'! I really felt like I needed a change so it was either grow it out or cut. So we cut! I love it! I'll take some pics and show you. I also had her do my normal colors of black, purple and blonde but this time it was purple all over instead of black...just to mix things up. Love it!! It sounds pretty extreme but really its not that crazy.

We have a Christmas party tonight at our friends' house so Lance's parents will watch M for a couple of hours. We won't stay long because M isn't feeling fabulous after her shots and that nasty tooth coming in. Plus I was away from her all day and Lance is leaving tomorrow for another work trip so we all need some quality family time:)

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I noticed your fabulous hair last night! It totally rocked! Happy Birthday to your mom!