Monday, December 21, 2009

Cupcake love.

Thanks Jen for introducing me to this site. I am so going to make these over and over again! My Grandma turns 90 in Feb so I'm going to make some pretty ones for her big celebration.

Miss M has been wow-ing us with all her new tricks including (but not limited too) snorting, standing up off my lap all by herself and jumping so hard in the jumperoo that I think we're going to have to weight it down:) I MUST video her! That is my goal for this week. We really could use a new video camera as our battery is shot in our old one. I've found some fabulous purple ones out there!! Don't know if they record for crap but Lance will look great holding it!! Did I mention there are purple ones?! tee hee


Jen said...

I thought you might like it!

Anonymous said...

looks so yummy!! MERRY CHRISTMAS !