Friday, September 26, 2008

I love Upper Michigan!

It is absolutely gorgeous up here! I'll post pics when we get home. I love autumn!!

Lance and I are off to Door County for the weekend and then back to work on Monday. We've never been to Door County so it will be a blast:)

Pics to come in a few days!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reminisce Design Team Entry

Here are some of the items that I made or already had made using Reminisce projects.

I love how they have sparkle or shimmer on almost all the papers. I'm instantly drawn to them as I'm drawn to most things glittery!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy happy Friday!

To do:
  • make lots of food for E's bachlorette party
  • get all the decorations & presents in a pile or in the trailblazer for E's party
  • go pick up my bridesmaid dress as they are in already...The Shoppe told E it would be November!! Thank God, not so much!
  • take pics of layouts that I've recently made for more submissions
  • have a date nite with the hubby
  • work out
  • take Tedders for a has to be slow & controlled not run like a crazed maniac, Teddy!
  • ice Teddy's leg (maybe ice my own as the old thighs are a tish sore from running...that should be the first clue that I need to be sitting on the couch eating cookies instead of pounding the tread on the treadmil. Too bad my pants don't agree with that!)
  • phone calls
  • sit in the sun, if only for a minute or ten
  • read a little more (I can't seem to put down the Twilight series! If you haven't read them, RUN don't walk, to your nearest B&N and put them up!! Great reads!)
  • breathe.

Have a great weekend! I will post lots of fun pics from the weekend. Only the tame ones though! E would kill me if I posted pics of her in compromising positions at her bach. party:) Although it will be VERY tempting.... We'll see :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture Tuesday.

Lance and the Cone Master in the Smart Car. Teddy loves to go for a ride anywhere even if it's just to the Post Office.

Poor Teddy and "the Cone"! Tedders is doing and feeling so much better. He still looks a little sad/pitiful. He was to wear the cone for one more week. He will NOT leave the wound alone so he and the cone have become very good friends! If you look close, you can see the incision on his right leg. It just looks like a long drak line down the front of his leg. We start doing therapy this week.

This is the crabby kitty! He had his 6-month grooming/shaving which we've been doing for years. He sheds like crazy so this is just a lot easier for all of us. He absolutely loves his tail so we tell the groomers not to touch it. He also does not do baths so they just do the dry bath and shaving. Apparently he was less than impressed with the whole grooming process as he vampire bit the lady helping the groomer. OOPS! The groomer explained that she relaxed her hold on his back legs and he tweeked out/ripped off the cone (used to protect against biting)/& latched on to the holder's arm. Now I saw the was tiny little red mark. I've had WAY WORSE from Maui before. He's not mean, he's just a big/huge/strong cat that likes to play. Now I realize he wasn't playing but really?! You don't need antibiotics for that. I've seen zits bigger and more infected than that. Come on people! Seriously!'s the crabby kitty cute?! When I got him home and let him out of the cat carrier, Lance & I noticed that one leg/butt cheek was shaved and the other was still furry...WTH?? This must have been the time of the vampire attack! It's pretty funny looking. We have since taken the scissors to his tush and tried to cut most of the furry cheek hair off.

After the cat episode, I walked into the kitchen and found these! I swear I have the best husband EVER! What a guy!! Aren't they beautiful?!

Lance hit the road today so I'm home with the pup-pup, dodging "the cone", ripping down wallpaper, cleaning floors, doing laundry, getting ready for E's bach-party this weekend. I hope to get some scrapping in tonight while watching "The Biggest Loser". I LOVE that show!! What a great reality show!! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Living with the cone.

Seriously. I've never been knocked over/run into/run over more in my entire life than I have in the last 4 days. Teddy is home from his surgery and doing great. Tuesday was a little rough. He was very uncomfortable and sore despite the pain meds. Each day he is getting better and better eventhough he's still not ~using~ his bum leg. He is just starting to stand on it. Otherwise he's a tripod. He has a 6 week rehab schedule starting next week that includes icing 3 x's a day and whirlpool therapy. Who on earth has a whirlpool for their dog??

In order to get him to leave the wound alone, he has to wear "the cone". Now "the cone" has a wing span of about 3 feet. Teddy is normally about 1 foot wide. He has been wearing the cone for four days (not solid but most of the time). He is NOT compensating for the extra wing span at all! He just runs you over/runs into you/bashes into the wall/doors/stair railings/pretty much everything. I'm going to be bruised from knee to ankle:)

Pictures to come!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

An early morning.

for us, as Lance & I brought Teddy to the vet for surgery this morning. He needs to have his knee cap fixed on the right hind leg. I guess it's a very common problem in smaller dogs. We knew he was going to have it fixed eventually as the symptoms have slowly been appearing. He's been pretty sore on it for the last couple of weeks so now is the time. Teddy will be on movement restrictions for 2 weeks. He has to be on a leash at ALL times during those 2 weeks so he doesn't run or jump and hurt something. At least he will be healed by the time snow flies, as that's his favorite time of year!

I asked him this morning if he wanted to go for a ride and he went nuts! He was flipping in circles and running around like a crazy dog! Apparently the sore knee/leg doesn't hurt THAT bad if he can do all that:) Silly dog!

Good luck with surgery Ted Ted and we'll see you tomorrow!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Cool Quote.

I found this rub-on quote at an art fair and custom ordered it in purple (of course!). I just finally got around to putting it on the wall this morning. I must have looked like I didn't have a clue as Lance and Uggs decided I needed assistance. I use rub-ons all the time in my scrapping but I'll never turn down assistance of the 2-legged kind! The 4-legged kind is different:)

Today has been spent watching glorious football and cleaning and playing in my scraproom and knitting!! I love football season:) I love autumn! I do not love that it was 2 months ago yesterday that we lost Lily but I do like the fact that we are getting to start trying again. It's bittersweet though...if I was still pregnant I would only have 2 months left to go before we could meet our sweet baby girl. Now we're starting ALL OVER. Not cool. I just wish I knew how to get rid of that feeling of wasted time/missed opportunities/starting all over. I ~know~ that being pregnant and losing Lily was NOT a waste of time but I still have this overwhelming feeling of being behind in the game. I'm always on top of everything so to fall behind or have to start all over is tough for me... in anything! It's hard to explain.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

One, Two & Three

times to be published in the last 2 weeks! I've NEVER been published before because I've never submitted any of my work. Until now! I've submitted several layouts and not only did my first and second submissions get published but so did a couple other. I am absolutely thrilled! I can't even believe it:)
I will post pictures of my layouts once the issues come out. One will be out in the next week and the other 2 is for an October issue.'s all I can say!

Triple arm pump to me!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I need to put my feet up!

It's been a crazy but fun week:) On Tuesday and Wednesday, my BFF burned through Minneapolis in search of her elusive wedding shoes! THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND!!!
We were both in shock to find them as she has some of the worst luck. We both spent WAY too much and got a ton of great deals and had so much fun! Lee, my brother, took us out to Ichibans and it was fabulous. Then to the Forsay building for breakfast...yum:)
Today was spent on the road hauling my horse to get new shoes. I'm FINALLY going to get back to riding after losing Lily and the whole dizziness issue. I can't wait:)
"Nothing heals the inside of a human like the outside of a horse."

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

Lance & I spent the weekend at what we lovingly call the Bed & Breakfast or Dennis & Joanne's house. Dennis & Joanne have a beautiful home and love sharing it with their family and friends. We are so lucky to fall into this group. They are definitely the hosts with the most!! We had so much fun!! We spent all weekend laughing, eating, riding in helicopters, boating, shopping, knitting and more! What a perfect weekend it was:)

Here are some of the projects that I've been working on:

Tomorrow I'm off to the cities to go shopping with my BFF to look for her wedding shoes. Hopefully we will find them...

If not, we'll still have a great time shopping and she'll just have to wear her snow boots!!