Friday, November 30, 2007


That is all I have to say about our Christmas card and photo! I saw the proofs last night and WOW! They are so great. We had a good friend of ours (whose also a very talented photographer) take our picture this year (Thanks Paula!! You rock!). Paula is ~very~ ambitious and skilled so we thought "Why not take pics with both dogs, the horse and us?". At least we didn't attempt the cats too! EEK! Paula is so great with animals. Plus she's very knowledgeable with horses and how a horse should look. We, horse people, are very picky when it comes to how our horses look in photos. All in all, the animals were great. Scout tuckered out at the end but Teddy and Faith stood there with their ears forward the entire time. We had some very interesting candid photo ops in amongst the set-up poses. The nice thing is Paula takes pics of those too. Those are some of the best pics! I can't wait to show you some of them. They actually turned out so well that we are going to do a few other things with the photos. Like wallpaper the house with them!! :) OK, not really but they will adorn many a wall in our house. Paula also custom designed our Christmas card. It is perfect! Many, many thanks to Paula and her talented self! Penny too for the comic relief while taking photos. Penny was doing ballet jumps behind Paula trying to keep the animals attention. Needless to say it worked very well. It was funny as hell too!

Well, this is the weekend before our Christmas Tour of Homes so Lance and I will be decorating and cleaning like mad! We also have my work Christmas party on Saturday which I am partially in charge of hosting/running. Hopefully we won't get too much snow (there's already a Winter Storm Watch as of yesterday in place for Sat!!) and yuck this weekend. Dont' get me wrong, I love snow but only when it's softly falling in big fat flakes. Not pelleting the crap out of you sideways!

There will be lots of pictures of the weekend on Monday so stay tuned!! I'm also taking a Journal Your Christmas class (online) starting tomorrow...December 1!!! I can't wait to get started on that. I can't wait to have some time to scrap and crack open the cricut my mom bought for me on Black Friday!! It's STILL in the box. That's got to be a crime in some states!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!! If you are in the B'ville area, stop by...we'll put you to, I that's is really what I mean!! ha ha ha
Merry Christmas :^)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble Gobble!!

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving to All!!

Lance and I are off to Maple Grove to spend the holiday with L's parents, brother, SIL & niece. It will be so nice to just relax and not have to cook! Not that I mind cooking, because I actually love to cook but I'm just swamped with all that is going on in our life. MUST.SLOW.DOWN. Here's what the Haugen household looked like this weekend (it still looks like this actually!EEK!)

Lance and his amazing painting/edging ability!! I'm SO glad that he doesn't think I'm a very good edger! I've never been so happy about sucking at something in my entire life!! :^) tee hee hee

So, this is what we go home to tonight but tomorrow through Sunday will be relax! The work can wait:) We're going to the Lion King musical on Saturday night. Lance has never been to a musical so it will be a lot of fun.

Eat lots, drive safe, enjoy family and friends, be THANKFUL! Life is full of blessings, big and small. You just need to recognize them and say "How cool is that?".

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Or at least Happy Holidays for those of you that think it's too early for Christmas. Not me!! We're already decorating for Christmas mainly because our home will be featured in the Holiday Tour of Homes this year but we do love Christmas in the Haugen household. I actually just signed up for a Journal Your Christmas scrapbook class earlier this week. It is to help you slow down and think about the true meaning of Christmas and really enjoy this festive time of year. I'll be posting my LO's for my journal here for all to see. Maybe it will inspire someone else to slow down and reflect on what the holiday and Christmas mean to you and your family. Another reason I wanted to Christmas-ize our house early is because Lance and I really need to slow down and enjoy life. We've been living by the "Work Hard, Play Harder" motto for the last 2 years and it's time to sit back and relax. To enjoy each other, our animals, the dream home we're making, and the fabulous life we lead. We have been truely blessed in our life so we need to enjoy it and not run around like chickens with our heads cut off!
So here are my Christmas resolutions:
1. To slow down and smell the Christmas cookies (eat lots of them too!!)
2. Spend quality relaxing time with my wonderful hubby
3. Go to church every Sunday in December
4. Get together with friends and family without feeling the stress of trying to fit everyone in
5. To take lots of pictures to document the festive time (hopefully with my new camera!!)
6. To stay current and on task with my Christmas Journal

hmmm....what else?? If I come up with more I'll update my list! :)

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Velcome to Haugen's Halloween Extravaganza!

Enter if you dare.........

Mr. Scout "The Bubblebee"
Teddy "The Wizard"
Yes, I'm one of those pet parents that torture their "kids" with costumes!! I love it:)
What an awesome Halloween it was! We love to decorate for the holiday. The trick or treaters had a blast coming up to our house with the fog and motion sensor lights and screams. We make sure to put the scary and loud items higher so the little kids don't get too freaked out. We only had 2 little kids that wouldn't come up our side walk. Not too bad!
On the Mr. Scout front, he is obviously still hanging in there. He actual seems to be feeling better. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and put on more meds and prescription moist food. He seems to be handling it pretty well. He gets his last pills this evening so we'll see how he does without the antibiotics. So far so good!
We are finally getting settled back in from our trip out to the AQHA Congress (horse show). We had a blast out there. My horse and I did really well. We didn't make the top 10 but now we know what we have to work on for next year. We also came home with a new truck and trailer (pics of it later!). We found a trailer we absolutely loved and the dealer gave us a great dealer on our trailer. The new trailer is much too big for our old truck so we traded that in too and got a bigger one. They are both awesome and haul beautifully too. Love them!! Lance says they are my 30th birthday present. Fine by me!!!! By the way, I'm not 30 until next March.
Happy November!