Monday, October 26, 2009

Its bananas!

We introduced bananas this weekend. Little M has been loving her oatmeal and oatmeal/banana cereal so we thought she'd love bananas too. Well....go ahead and see what you think....

She made some of the funniest faces but kept coming back for more. She did the same thing today except the full body shiver was absent! :) It is just too cute!

This is her other new thing. You will be just minding your own business and all of a sudden, Makenna will....

start licking your chin and/or latch on and start sucking! Apparently Lance ~tastes~ funny!!! ha ha!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Church + Makenna = laughter

Our church just recently started Friday nite service. I love this idea as I'm not a huge fan of getting up on Sunday or really doing anything that doesn't involve football/eating. (Sorry God!) So I wanted to try the Friday nite service. My mom took pity on me and went with M and I. (Lance didn't get home until late so he wasn't available to go.) So it wasn't full but there were plenty of people there. The service starts and M is loving all the singing and things going on. She is VERY busy looking around. The sermon starts and she's still bouncing. No problem! The pastor finishes the sermon with

P: "Now let's bow our heads to prayer. Dear Heavenly Father (pause)"
M: ~tooot~ ~tooooooooot~
P: ...continues with the prayer....

~insert me and the whole row behind and in front of us rolling in laughter~ My mom asked if I needed to leave because I'm laughing so hard. I finally get control of myself and the grunting begins. Insert more giggles as Miss Thang grunts and groans and fills her diaper during the rest of the prayer. I was pretty certain the couple in the row behind us was going to have to leave as they were laughing SO hard at her. So "we join in the final hymn" and Miss Thang sings/talks with the whole song. It was so adorable. By now, I'm laughing again from her "singing" and the fact that she stinks so bad that my eyes are watering! It was quite the experience!! Lance is getting "church duty" this Friday....

It'll probably be Christmas before I can get my mom to go back to church with us!! :/

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's still asleep!

2 nights in a row, Miss Thing has slept through the night! Now if the dumb dog would quit waking me up to go outside. Plus the "girls" are so full by 4am that they wake me up. I ignore them and try to go back to sleep but I finally have to get up to pump at 6am. For all you breastfeeding moms, what did you do to help the "girls" adjust to your baby finally sleeping through the night? Do they adjust? I want to enjoy my sleep to the fullest and longest and this is definitely not helping:/

We are currently under a winter weather advisory for later today and tomorrow. Apparently Mother Nature did not look at the calendar as it is FALL! NOT. WINTER. Oh is suppose to be 60 degrees this weekend so any snow that does come our way should melt. We're hoping to head to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

Well I'm done pumping and M is still sleeping so I'm crawling back into bed even if it's just for a few minutes:) Happy hump day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

October does NOT = Snow.

Someone apparently has failed to inform ND and MN of that little fact:/

It is snowing as I type. There is enough to cover the rooftops, cars and anything stationary. The roads are just wet as the ground temperature is still warm enough to melt the snow. It is WAY too soon to be starting this business.

Makenna had her 4 month appt on Friday. She did really well for her shots. Just a quick scream then I feed her and all was forgotten. She is growing like a weed!! Her pediatrician couldn't believe how big she is, especially height-wise! She grew almost 4 inches since her last appt. No wonder all her 3-6 month outfits are getting too short! M is doing great with all other development and actually quite a bit ahead but that is often a girl thing.

M is:
  • standing all the time (w/ us holding her steady).
  • rolling over constantly
  • sleeping on her side or belly (eventhough I roll her back to her back)
  • LOUD!! She's learned a whole new level of noise called screeching!
  • eating cereal & starting oatmeal this week.
  • needs to get back on her normal sleep schedule instead of being hungry all the time! I thought cereal would help that?
  • wants to be held ALL the time & screams when you put her down. I do try to explain to her how Mommy does not wear a diaper and needs to occasionally take care of business or shower! Sometimes she just has to scream.

I had my photography class this last weekend....It. Was. Awesome!! I learned so much!!I will be practicing on M all week:) Thank you Ria!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 4 Months Miss Thang!!

Here are some pics I took of M on Monday as I had to work yesterday. I was trying out her hats and bunny slippers:) Such a cutie!! She has decided that it is WAY more fun to roll everywhere instead of just laying on her back looking or playing with her toys. Yikes! She's got a whole array of new sounds too! I can't believe how big she's gotten and that its already been 4 months! Wow.
Yesterday was my 1st day as Professor Haugen and it rocked!! I love teaching. I love Rasmussen College. It is a wonderful place to work! All 1 day of it;) It was even better than I anticipated so YAY!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I ~big puffy heart~ cereal!!!

YES!!! More than 2 hours of sleep in a row! YAY! Miss Thang is not overly impressed with cereal by the spoon. Her facial expressions are hilarious! BUT a little in the bottle is her new favorite right before bedtime. It's mine too! She's back to her normal sleeping schedule of waking up once at night to eat. She sleeps from 9pm to 7am with 1 wakeup to eat. I can definitely live with that! M is also rolling front to back and back to front with ease. She is also talking up a storm. It seems like all of a sudden we don't have a little baby anymore:/ I do already miss the "curl up on your chest into your neck" baby but this new semi-mobile, talking non-stop baby is pretty fun too! It's all in the different stages.
M is REALLY loving her daddy right now. She watches him constantly if he's in sight. It's very cute! I truly think it's all part of her master plan to get him wrapped around her little finger. Little does she know, but she already has;) We're still waiting to hear more of the laughing but I'm sure its in the near future.
I start teaching tomorrow and I'm totally excited for it! Especially if M is back on her regular schedule! I don't need a lot of sleep but some would be nice!
I'm also missing the horse show this weekend for my photography class. I'm really looking forward to my class but I'm also leading the points in all of my classes with my horse after only going to 2 shows (missing 2) so I know if I would have gone to this show, I'd win the year end awards but since I'm going to miss this show then I probably won't be able to retain my lead. If only I wasn't so dang competitive! Or good;) ha ha ha!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello? Hello?

Is this thing on??

What. a. week.

It has been the week of 1st-s around the Haugen household. Wow. Not only has someone been on a complete sleep/nap strike but she's decided to wow us with her new found abilities. Here's the list:

  • M rolled over 3 times

  • is blowing raspberries and bubbles (which includes drooling ALL over!)

  • laughed for the 1st time (she was looking at herself in the mirror and thought she was absolutely hilarious! It was so cute!!)

  • vocabulary explosion...I guess sound expolsion is more accurate but MAN can this girl talk!

  • has given up sleeping through the nite ...due to what I can only imagine is the fact that she loves her mommy SO much that going for more than 2 hrs without seeing my face is PAINFUL to her. ~sigh~ Mommy needs more than 2 hours of sleep in a row, you little crap! How can you be ~too~ upset when you lean over the crib and Miss Thing is SO excited and happy to see you...smiling like mad:/

  • sitting and playing in the high chair. She's really into chewing on the tray. It apparently it much tastier than the chew toys directly in front of her. ? .

  • started cereal today in hopes that I won't have to feed her 6-8 times in a 6 hour period and I'll get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. We can only hope!! "The Girls" perform wonderfully so its not lack of food but this kid is hungry ALL the time. It just doesn't seem to satisfy her anymore. I gave her very diluted cereal in breastmilk with a spoon and she gobbled it up. I also gave her a little cereal in her "right before bedtime" bottle in hopes that she'll be full. She seems to sleep longer when we give her a bottle instead of direct from the "source". Why is that?? It's the same stuff just different delivery method. Weird.

I think that is it for Miss Thing's week. It's been a wild one. I start teaching on Tuesday so I'm hoping that M's sleep schedule gets back on track otherwise I'm going to be a crappy teacher. I'm all prepared for my classes this week so now I just need to keep ahead of all the planning and preparing. It's nice to have all the ready!

M's 4 month appt is on Friday...more shots. Ick! We were planning on holding off on cereal until after that appt but we were at the end of our rope. Hopefully the doctor will agree with our decision and guide us from there. I cannot believe we are already at that stage. Yikes!

I have my photography class this Friday and Sat. I'm really looking forward to it! I adore the photographer that's hosting the class so I'm sure I will learn a ton. We're also hoping to hit the pumpkin patch sometime as today's trip was rained out.

A BIG Congrats to D & D S. on the birth of their baby girl!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

I leave you with Miss Thang....