Tuesday, January 29, 2008


wind chills to watch out for...wedding dresses to pick...transpl.ants to do....work to be done.....more later

Monday, January 28, 2008


or I will be if my Trailblazer doesn't get fixed!! Saturday nite I was driving home from the barn and when I would accelerate my TB just wasn't getting the power it use to. Plus it would make a wooshing sounds like a fan was blowing really loud. So I drove home (of course!!) and had L* jump in with me so he could hear it as he's the car doctor. It turns out my clutch fan is going.?. I guess it's attached to the radiator and used to cool the radiator (don't need that in MN in Jan!!!) . So I drove into work this morning with intentions to bring the TB in to Gateway after work. Well after about 5-10 minutes of driving my service engine soon light came on. Not good! I was talking to L* as it happened so, being the great hubby that he is, he called Gateway and arranged everything for me. All I had to do was bring it in on my lunch break and they would take care of it for me. I love when everything works perfectly!! Now I probably jinxed myself as I haven't heard from Gateway yet but I did tell them that I will be back after 4pm. I hope it's all ready to go. If not, I'll just have to buy a new one!! ha ha ha:) I wish! I want that Cadillac in the commercial with Addison, from Grey's Anatomy, where she says "You have to ask yourself...when you turn your car on, does it return the favor?"!!! That sounds like a great car to me:) tee hee

Friday, January 25, 2008

5 inches gone...

and some new high-lites!! I feel like a new woman:) My hair was so long it was just unmanageable so I cut it off! 5 inches sounds like a lot but my hair is still past my shoulders. I was wanting to go shorter but I kinda chickened out. I normally don't do that but my reasoning was that I still need to be able to put it under a cowboy hat when I show my horse. Missy (my stylist) left just enough length so I can still get it under my hat. I still might go shorter at my next appt in March. We'll see.... Either way, I'm really loving it being shorter. It looks a lot thicker too and not as static-y. YAY:)

On the agenda for the weekend:
1. Take more engagement pics for E
2. Lunch w/ E and the girls
3. Dress shopping and bridesmaid dress trying on w/ E and the girls
4. Exercise Faith
5. Work out
6. Scrapbook
7. NDQHA stuff
8. Clean scraproom as I have been rearranging (poor Lance!!) and reorganizing
9. Attempt making a cricut cover
10. clean and organize house (notice how this is last on the list!!! that's where it needs to be!!)

On a side note, I LOVE working in my scrap room. I love to organize it, clean it, scrap in it, play on the computer, edit and organize pictures. Really anything that can be done in my scraproom is fun! I love all the pretty colors, textures, sparkles, glitter...all of it. I love to be creative and make things. I'm sure Lance thinks I'm crazy for putting so much effort into my scraproom but that is my favorite place in our house:) After work, I'm off to get some more cubes from Michaels (they are half price!!) for all my scrap goodies. I can't pass up a good deal especially when I need more storage!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

To cut or not to cut???

That is the question of the day! I have a haircut and color appt after work today. My hair is kinda driving me nuts so I'm contemplating cutting it. My hair's the longest it's been in 6-7 years. It's about half ways down my back...maybe 1-2 inches above my bra strap. I'm enjoying it long but I'm not a stick straight/limp hair girl. I'm more of a Texas/big hair girl (loved the 80's!!) but that's not working for me with this long hair. Plus I'm not getting up 30 minutes earlier to "do my hair" with a curling iron and hot rollers. I've always liked my hair to ~look~ done not just laying there limp and static-y. But I really like being able to throw it in a ponytail when I don't feel like messing with it. I've also got to consider E's wedding even though it's not until December. I'd like to have an up-do but it's not essential (or mandated by E). Such decisions!!

I'll update you tomorrow as to what happened!

I also found another little project for myself, maybe this weekend if I get a few other projects done first. My mom nabbed me a cricut (scrapbooking tool) at the Wal-Mart black Friday sale at 5 am since she was there and L* & I were in the cities and couldn't find any. I haven't played with it a ton yet but what I have done is awesome!! So while my bug is sitting on my desk, I want to protect it from dust, fat cats, hair dogs, ect. I was searching on 2Peas for some examples and I found this (made by gg loves Matthew on 2Ps):
Now I'm not a sew-er per se but my mom is a home ec teacher so I have some of her influence in me. I think I can probably manage to put this together although I don't know how to do blanket stitches on my machine but mom does as it's her old one. If I can't get it the way I want it, I'm sure I can bribe mom to make it for me:) It's made out of felt so I need to go pick some of that up plus some embellishments to decorate it with. I'm not a heart and flower girl so mine will probably have bling on it instead of the fluffy stuff. Of course it will be purple with some lime and fuchsia accents to match my scrap room. I love ALL things purple!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Sore....

we bought a treadmill right after the 1st of the year. It's very nice to be able to work out whenever I have/find time. I'm an evening work out-er. I already get up at 5:30am every morning for work so I'm not getting up any earlier than that to work out. I just can't/don't want too:) So I find that I like to work out at 9pm-ish right before I go to bed because I always get a 2nd wind about then. I work out from 9-10pm, take a shower and go to bed by 11am. I really need to get to bed before eleven but I haven't gotten that down yet either. I'm working on it. So back to my "so sore" title...I ran hard for 2 days in a row plus did Lance-supervised arm work outs and I'm feeling the pain today! Don't get me wrong, I feel great after working out but I'm stiff and sore today. Good thing I have Chix Nite tonight so I can recover:)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ember Day Part 1: done and successful!

We found flowers that look real but don't cost a fortune! YAY! They are really pretty roses. Ember and I grabbed all Hobby Lobby had in stock. They were 50% off so she saved a lot. She'll have to go back for more, once they restock, as there were only enough to do a couple of bouquets and several corsages and boutonnieres. I was amazed at how many brides were in there stocking up on flowers.
This Saturday is Ember Day Part 2 :Wedding Dresses attack!! Ha ha ha...actually we're hoping to attack the dresses and find her one. Ember is going to have a huge following of women with her. Hope David's Bridal is ready!!
As for the rest of the weekend, we watched football all yesterday. We watched my Tom Brady (swoon) beat the Chargers and poor Green Bay and Brett Favre lose. I was really hoping to see Favre in the Superbowl...not that he could beat my Tom Brady but at least he would have gotten to go again.
In other news, HUGE news, one of my online friends Jen got her bfp (big fat positive...aka she's preggo!!!) This is such great news as she's been trying for over a year and finally she got her illusive positive!! Best wishes to her, her hubby and baby!! May it be a very uneventful and boring pregnancy!!! :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

What's on the agenda for today you ask?
Well, since it is beyond cold here still! (Today is a high of -4!! Tonight is going to be -25 with a wind chill of -45!! Ick!) I'm going to run to a pre-inventory sale at my favorite scrapbook store on my way home (I've got a coupon burning a hole in my pocket!!). Then finish putting all the Christmas stuff away, write some Christmas thank you cards (I know...I'm late on those! Oh well, better late than never!), do some photo editing and snuggle with my hubby! I might try to squeeze some time in on the treadmill too, we'll see:)

Tomorrow is Ember Day! Happy Ember Day everyone!! What the heck is Ember Day? Ember is my BF and she just got engaged so I've deemed tomorrow as Ember Day on my calendar or else it would fill up with something else. Since she is the bride (finally!!) and all need to serve her, I'm doing my BF duties!! We're going to do a bunch of wedding stuff. What exactly I have no idea but I'm excited to help never-the-less. Next Saturday is Ember Day too as we're going dress shopping! Can't wait!! I'm going to bring my camera as it will be entertaining! Ember is about 5 feet tall and tiny skinny. When she was trying on bridesmaid dresses for my wedding we had to use utility clips on the back of all the dresses in order to keep them on her. She's also the pickiest person I know (other than myself!). Good times!!

Have a great weekend:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


are the M&M's that I ate last nite and hopefully will have tonight too, if Lance doesn't eat them all when he gets home! (You better not Mister!!) I failed in my attempt to eat all of them. I only had a couple of handfuls. That's good news to my pants as they won't have to strain to fit around my butt and waist!!
So I really don't have anything too interesting to tell you but I don't want to give up on my NY resolution so I'm blogging about nothing-ness!
One of my fellow TTCer (Kat) googled her name with ~needs~ after it so I thought I'd do the same! Here are my results of "Kelly Needs":
  • Kelly needs her brother backstage. -not really as I'm definitely not a singer/performer
  • Kelly needs a little guidance. -true, true
  • Kelly needs a quivering antenna. -not so much!!
  • Kelly needs modesty (something to do with nude pics!) -ha ha ha!! This one is true except for the nude pics part. Pa.ris Hil.ton I'm not!! I've always said it's real life or not at all.
  • Kelly needs to prepare and think about a hundred things. -yep, that could work
  • Kelly needs this guy banned. -well, no.

I'll stop there as the next few where about R.Kelly. We don't need to go there:)

So that's it for today!! It's almost Friday !! YAY:) Lance comes home tonight! Double YAY (wink wink!!) (Sorry if you're reading this Mom!! You might want a mental bleaching!! tee hee).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't tell Lance!!!!

Target had chocolate on sale (2 bags for $4) so I picked up a couple of bags of peanut butter M&M's!! YUMMY!! There is nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate! It's my absolute fav:) Well, I guess Matt.hew McCona.ughy and a Corona on a secluded beach would be my absolut fav but again don't tell Lance! tee hee hee Anyway, I got off the subject! So back to my chocolate...Lance doesn't come home until tomorrow evening so on my "to do" list is get rid of all the chocolate!! Do you think if I eat the M&M's while walking on the treadmill it will balance out at the end? I'll try it and let you know how it goes! So much for weight loss! Oh well, life's too short not to enjoy some goodies:)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still cold...

OK, there is a distinct possibility that I might complain about the weather and coldness for the next week or so. Bare with me! It's freaking cold here!! I need a vacation!
Alright, I'm done.

For today: a busy run from store-to-store day, after I'm done with work of course.
On the to do list:
-go to Michaels for a new scrap things for an album I'm working on as a gift
-go to Scheels Sports and try to find adhesive stretchy tape for Faith's leg (I can't find that stuff anywhere!!)
-go to barn to exercise Faith and re-wrap her leg
-exercise myself (treadmill+me+45 mins=sweaty, tired girl!!)
-make final adjustments to Ember's engagement pics
-edit and print of pics for scrapbook gift album
-pick out clothes to order for NDQHA
Crap, that's a long list! I've got more too! EEK!! I'll just leave it at that and hope that I can get half of it done:) I lead such an exciting life. ha!

Monday, January 14, 2008


It's freaking freezing here! It's getting colder too! How can that be? Isn't it suppose to warm up as the day goes on? Not in MN/ND! It's also windy (not surprising) which makes it even worse. I believe it's 16 below and 32 below with the wind chill. YIKES! Thank goodness I have great in-laws who called last night and suggested that they come pick up the dogs this morning so they didn't have to go outside all day in the cold since Lance hits the road again and I work all day. How nice is that?? Now we have winter/snow dogs with hair/fur like you wouldn't believe so the dogs are not being abused when we put them in their kennel that is attached to the garage. They can come inside the garage and lay on their heated pad whenever they want too. They love to just lay outside in the snow but even this morning they wanted back inside as soon as they did their "business"! The offer from my in-laws comes just hours after Lance picked up the dogs up from G&G Haugen's as they had them for the weekend while we were in Bismarck. The dogs love it at G&G's house. There's so much to explore and play in/with. Whenever we get them back from G&G's, they are always exhausted. It's too cute:)
So here is a big huge THANK YOU shout out and hug to my in-laws. We really appreicate all that you do for us!!! I think we'll keep you:)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally Friday:)

YAY!! We have a fun-filled, action-packed weekend ahead of us so we're going to hit the ground running come 4pm. It'll be nice to spend some quality time with the hubby as we've had nothing but relative-filled time. Not that that is a bad thing but it's nice to get some alone time even if it is while driving to and from scenic Bismarck, ND!

Back to that vacation...I want to go here:
Or here:

I'm not picky! Either one would work for me:) I just want somewhere hot, tropical, sunny and relaxing! Anyone have any suggestions for me/us? We've been to Hawaii, Jamaica, Ixtapa (Mexico)...where else?? I think that's it for tropical. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new look.

I've been playing with the look of my blog. It just wasn't quite right. I have aspirations of FINALLY making my header/title as I recently found the directions on the correct format/size/ect. So watch out for the new title in the next week.

Today is all work. I have the farrier (man that trims a horse's feet/hooves and puts steel or aluminum shoes on --for you non-horse people!!) coming after work and then I must pack all my gear and all the NDAQHA awards as Lance and I are off to Bismarck for the NDQHA meeting and banquet this weekend. It's always fun to see the people you spend all spring, summer and fall with. I'm starting to get some spring fever (WAY too soon for someone who lives in MN!!) and seeing horse people never helps with that! I'm going to have to convince Lance that we need to go on vacation. He's already going to Vegas in March for Nascar but that really isn't my cup of tea plus I'm on call. So I'm thinking Mexico or back to Jamaica! What a perfect way to spend my 30th birthday!! I'll let you know how that goes...

I was going to leave you with some pictures but apparently Blogger hates me. I'll work on that for tomorrow:)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I MUST put the book down!

Ugh... I need a nap already and it's only 8am! My mom got me started on reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonvich (sp??). They are AWESOME!! That is why, for the last 3 nights, it was 11:30pm before I was able to pry the book out of my hand and go to bed. I'm on the 3rd book right now and have heard (via mom) that they just get better and better. I don't know if I can handle it!! :)

I have also been playing with Ember and Aaron's engagement photos that were taken by my new Nikon D40X (thank you wonderful hubby!) on my new Photoshop Elements 6.0 (thanks Lee for the Christmas present even if I had to sit on you to make you by me something, you crap!). I bought some actions from Lady Ren and they are awesome!! I will post them after I let Ember pick her favorite just in case she wants to ~unveil~ them:) There is so such you can do with PSE and I'm sure I haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg!

For you scrapbookers... I did finish my album/journal for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class on time last Sunday. This is the finished product:

It was a great experience and I will definitely be doing it again next year. I'm will certainly make some pages ahead of time to help with those crazy busy days that I just didn't have time. That way I won't fall behind, as I did (slightly) this year.

Happy Hump Day:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

One of my resolutions is to be a better blogger! It was such a crazy December that I looked at my blog and thought "I need to update that." but that was as far as I got. OOPS!!
So, Happy 2008!
There are going to be several momentous occasions for us in 2008! The first is that I turn 30 in March!! WOWZA!!! I look forward to my 30s. I think a lot of good things will happen in my 30s. More to come on that front...
My best friend, Ember, got engaged on Christmas Eve!! YAY Ember:) She and Aaron are getting married December 6, 2008. It will be a great time! They already have the church and reception location reserved as of last night. I took their engagement pictures 2 weekends ago. They turned out really nice, if I do say so myself! I need to get them edited in the next week...come on photoshop help me out:) I'm a newbie to photoshop but have been playing with it so hopefully I can get the look I want out of their pics. I will post some of them after I finish with the editing. I got a new camera (Nikon D40X) for Christmas....hence the taking of photos! I really need to read my manual and get more knowledgeable on my photography. That's another NY's resolution!!
Anyway!! My goal is to post 5 days a week. I can do it!

Happy tuesday:)