Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a beautiful day!

Lance and I have been decorating the outside of the house for Halloween. It's one of our favorite holidays! We have fog machines and tombstones, things that scream at you when you walk by, an ogre...all sorts of fun things! We do make sure to put all the scary things a little higher as not to freak out the little kids:) I'll take pics to show you...

I'm off to start my cooking and baking for the big Halloween party on Saturday. Plus we need to finish the bathroom remodel and I need to put all my horse stuff away that's littering the basement as I finally got the trailer all unloaded for winter. It's always nice to go through everything, clean it and put it away for next spring! Can't wait! Although I'm going to have to wait for the riding part as I'll be huge by show season next year but I do plan on doing the halter and showmanship. I just need to find an outfit that will fit my expanding waist line! Elastic here I come;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Snow!

Yes, that's right...snow! We woke up yesterday to a full out blizzard...all most! The snow was blowing completely sideways and the ground was covered with snow. There is still some snow this morning but it should be gone by this afternoon. It's a tish too early for least for me.
Today, L and I are going shopping to get ready for our Halloween party plus running errands. Then I need to start baking so I don't have to make cut-off fingers, eye balls, ect all day on Friday. Fun fun!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday!

On the agenda for today:

1. laundry
2. ironing (just a few items)
3. filing Microclean invoices
4. editing photos
5. fixing Jill's photo
6. enjoying the rain
7. taking Teddy for a walk
8. finishing and submitting the NDAQHA recipes for the cookbook
9. a nap
10. scrapping tonight

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a great weekend. We have ~snow~ in the forecast for Sunday. EEK!! Hopefully it'll softly snow then quickly melt as to not interfere in our Halloween party next Saturday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

U/S update:)

Everything looks great with the little pumpkin! We could see the little heartbeat flickering like crazy and got a measurement of 162 bpm. It's absolutely tiny so it'll be interesting to see how much the pumpkin grows between this appt and the next one in 3 weeks. It's nice to have an appt and u/s go well for once! Very reassuring:) We didn't get pictures as there really was nothing much to see. We'll get pics from the 9 wk appt and show you those!

I'm starting be to a very difficult eater (just like before). Lance is so patient when it takes me forever to decide what I can and can't eat just to change my mind again. ~sigh~ I wouldn't trade it for the world if it means this baby is growing and developing like it should be. It does get a little old but I'll take it! At least I'm not having the all-day nausea YET!! Hopefully that will forget to hit:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lily's Story

I didn't realize I hadn't told Lily's whole story. I've told so many people that it's hard to remember who's heard it and who hasn't.
So it all started with the Quad Screen that my doctor had ordered that came back freakishly abnormal. The numbers were so abnormal that he wasn't sure what it was but sent us to Minne.apolis to the perinatologist for a Level 2 u/s and possibly an amino. We were able to get in right away so off to the cities we went. The level II u/s showed that Lily had a lot of fluid on her but no heart problems. The perinatologist figured it was probably Turner's Syndrome (which was confirmed with the amino). Turner's Syndrome is a freak mistake that happens at conception that results in the baby only getting 1 sex chromosome. So I have 46 xx but Lily had 45 x. Turner's Syndrome only has a 2% chance of survival to birth. Because of all the fluid on her, her chances weren't great but she didn't have the typical heart issues. All sorts of options were issued to us including termination which was ABSOLUTELY NOT what was going to happen. What if she was in the 2%? She was alive and moving like a little worm inside me, how could we do that? Ugh, just makes me sick that people would do that (my personal opinion). So if we could get Lily to 24 weeks then the perinatologist would go in and remove the fluid (which was not without risk but worth it to her survival, in our opinion). No one thought she'd make it to the 24 week mark. Actually they didn't think she'd make it much past our appt (which was at 17 wk). Luckily for us, she made it to 21 weeks. The amino was done (not painful at all!!) and the results came back 1.5 wks later confirming Turner's Syndrome.
The silver lining to this whole deal is that Turner's Syndrome has never happened to the same couple twice! EVER!! That is providing a little reassurance during this pregnancy. I made my first appt yesterday which will include a u/s on Thursday to check that everything is going well. It's not even with the ancient u/s machine that my ob uses, it's with the 20 wk "big u/s" machine. I'm excited but extremely nervous that everything looks good. I'll post an update after the appt.

Thanks to everyone for the congrats! L and I are thrilled but nervous. I'm glad my ob is so conservative and anal that we're going to be getting a lot of looks at the little pumpkin. Just hoping that everything is normal and this pregnancy is VERY boring!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What rose bush blooms now??

Apparently Lily's rose bush does...

I guess this rose bush doesn't realize that October in MN is chilly. It has about 5 buds on it so I guess the plan is to keep blooming!
Lee and his "new" truck.

He loves this thing! I called it a ~galopee~ which I didn't get a favorable response. I guess whatever floats his boat:)

HOLY CRAP, THAT'S RIGHT!! We NEVER thought it would happen this soon again. We obviously aren't waiting until 12 weeks to tell everyone as that didn't turn out so favorable in the end. I'm due in June and haven't made my first doctor appt yet, but it's on my to-do list.
So, if everyone wants to say a little prayer that this pregnancy will turn out better than the first one, that would be great! My Grandma said God wouldn't do that to us twice so I'm going to believe her and not worry about it because worrying won't get me anywhere!
I'm already starting to get a belly at 6 wks which is extremely early considering I didn't show until 20 wks with Lily. I'm assuming because this happened so soon after Lily (3 months) that my uterus is going to pop out A LOT faster. EEK! I still need to fit in my bridesmaid dress the beginning of December. Oh well. It's definitely for a good cause!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I ~puffy heart~ Sunday!

On the agenda for today...
  • watch football ALL. DAY. LONG
  • clean/organize the scraproom
  • do some scrapping
  • wait for Lee to get here with his new pickup (71 GMC)
  • laundry
  • harass the hubby about some ~honey do~ projects
  • take a nap
  • drink lots of water
  • TRY to find something to eat although everything sounds yucky to me right now
  • catalog all the Christmas gifts we've bought in my Holiday Planner (of course I have a Holiday Planner!! Do you expect any less from someone so type A/anal??)
  • maybe a shower...maybe not!

Happy Sunday! A big post tomorrow with pics of Lee and his new pickup. Also, he's single ladies!! Quite a catch there...most of the time!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I love the positive!

  • Positive thinking
  • positive people
  • positive $$ in my bank account
  • positive tests unless it's for screening or cancer then I want Negative Negative Negative

Positive is great in my books right now and I'll take it!

More to come on the positive after we get back from another work trip!

Bring on the positive!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A new look!

Some of my fellow bloggers have changed up their blogs and I love the look of them. It looks like a scrapbook page so I want one too! What do you think? I love it!! Thanks Jewels and Kat for the inspiration! Change is good:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is this creature??

This little furball with huge teeth and claws has been found in our recessed windows wells TWICE! Once a couple of weeks ago and the 2nd time was on Sunday. What the heck is it? It's obviously noctural as it doesn't see well in the day as apparent when it's attacking the shovel Lance is trying to dig it out of the window well with. It's definitely aggressive as it was trying to chase both Lance and I on Sunday. Lance deposited in the field across from our house so hopefully it will stay there or move on for the fall and winter. Uggs found it the first time as he was tweaking out in one of our spare bedrooms. I went to check it out and there he/she was. Teddy found it on Sunday and was in the window well with it trying to attack it but he was too chicken, THANK GOD! I ran out there to see what he was barking at (his attack bark is much different then his ~the neighbors got a new car~ bark.) and quickly got him out of the window well and away from our fanged friend.

So...what do you think it is??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It's been so long since I've been back in ~the game~ that I miscalculated my days and it's going to be THIS weekend not last weekend. Apparently I lost a week in there. Ha ha ha! Oops! I'm not feeling very confident but we'll see!

It's been raining like crazy for the last couple of days so I've been busy redoing our lower level bathroom (ripping wallpaper and painting) and decorating for Halloween and fall. I've also got a couple of knitting projects in the works including a fabulous Halloween scarf for myself. I hope to have it finished this weekend. I'll post pics when I'm done:)

How about those MN Vik.ings last nite on Monday Nite Foo.tball?? What an upset!! Go Vik.ings!! I would not be surprised if that turns out to be their last win as they suck but I'll take it:) I love foo.tball season!

Teddy and I are running into town today for appts. He stinks so he and the groomer can bond for awhile and I have VERY important things going on like getting my nails done!! It's my one vice! OK, maybe it's one of my vices!! Oh well:)

Have a happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're back!

Our trip in photos!

We had a great time, did a little work, saw a lot of fun places, can't wait to go back but I'm glad to be home:)
It's a catch up day and weekend. The house needs cleaning, I need to scrap, I need to go out to the barn to see Faith and I'd like to get started on my Christmas cards. I know...Christmas!! EEK!!
I'm hoping for something exciting to happen over the weekend but it might be a bfn too. I'm going to remain hopeful until proven otherwise!

Have a great weekend.