Friday, February 25, 2011

P52 Photos...checking up...

I was off scrapping with the girls last weekend. We planned our retreat around being close enough to St. Cloud so we could shop at Crafts Direct. What an amazing store! The place we stayed at was very nice but the lady who owns it kept coming in and chatting with us. That was slightly distracting and by Saturday night it was a tish annoying. I think the jury is still out on whether we'd actually go back or not. Anyways, all in all we had a FABULOUS time!! None of us where quite as productive as we normally are but it was fun anyway! For me, just getting 2 pages done would be way more productive than what I've been lately. Dang pregnancy!!

So here are my pics for last week and this week. They are both from my phone but I love them anyway:)
 Here is what I scored at Crafts Direct. I forgot to take a pic of the few items I purchased from their clearance center. Oh well. I've never made it out of CD with spending under $50 until last weekend. I totally blame all of that on Mr Man (baby boy not Lance!) and being pregnant. I hate shopping of any kind while pregnant. It's so weird.
 This is the Fashion Diva! Dressed all by herself 2 days ago. She has both hands palms up, hip jutted out and pursed lips like "Mmm hmm....its just this easy." She cracks me up!

Update on Mr. Man....I had another Dr's appt yesterday. Everything is great. My blood pressure went back down. I only gained 0.7 lbs from last month which I think is amazing since I'm HUGE! I really popped in the last month and I'm pretty puffy too:/ The next appt is the end of March. I have to do the glucose tolerance test then.... I can't believe its already that time yet I'm so glad! Mr. Man is not to arrive before June but I really can't wait until I'm done with this pregnancy. It's been pretty miserable. Lance is taking off today for 2 weeks (work & Nascar in Vegas) so I'm dreading that as its getting harder and harder to take care of M by myself. Oh well....we'll manage and probably have a blast doing it! At least that's what I'm going for:)

We had our 1st bout of Miss Thang being sick last night. She was playing and entertaining Uncle Lee while he was here, feeling completely fine. I put her to bed and all was good. She has had a cold but is getting over it so when she started coughing around 11pm we thought it was just a little cough until we heard the scream afterwards. She had thrown up in her crib and was very scared. We got her all cleaned up and the crib cleaned up. Lance was snuggling her in the chair and she puked on him. So I cleaned both of them up and I was snuggling M and she started puking again. I could totally feel her little body heaving, the poor thing. Finally she fell asleep and stayed asleep (puke-free) at 1am and slept until 7am. She's doing great today so far. She looks a little pale but seems happy and energetic. I have no idea what brought on the puking?!! It was nice that it happened while Lance was home though so we could tag team the clean up and keeping M comfortable. Alone it would have been very hard. Do-able but difficult.
Tonight we're suppose to go swimming with relatives in Fargo but we'll see how M feels. We might have to postpone that.. Tomorrow we're suppose to be going to visit my Gram in NYM but again, we'll see how M is doing first. That's the most important thing:) Plus I don't want to be puked on in the car;) lol

Monday, February 14, 2011

P52 Pic + Valentine's Day

Why can't I ever remember what week it is of P52? Lol! Oh well....

Here's my pic:
This is the card Lance got me for V-Day. It is perfect! Not only does it speak the truth (~wink~) but it has bling and glitter on it too:) Plus its not sappy which is great for someone who really does not like Valentine's Day. Poor Lance would probably love to have a romantic sappy wife but that's definitely NOT what he got! lol

Friday, February 11, 2011

Copic markers + scrapbookers

How many of you scrapbookers use the Copic markers on your pages?

I'm not a huge card maker but I really like what people are creating with the Copics. I'm thinking I should take a class at my LSS to see how they really work and see if I can't incorporate them into my LO's.

Is anyone doing this? Do you have any examples of what you (or someone else) are doing with them on LO's? Hints, tips, ect?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

P52 Week 5

Here is Miss Thang at gymnastics:) She absolutely LOVES playing on all the equipment and getting stamps on her hands & feet for doing different challenges.

Plus a little video action that I found on my phone from when M was much smaller. I get such a kick out of her eating. She is one to savor her food and really try to get everything taste out of it....hence the smacking!