Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas decorations and 6 month appt.

Lance is normally Clark Griswald but this year with M and the business, we just ran out of time and energy so thanks to an email from Diane (horse showing BFF) this is what we came up with! Excuse the very blurry pics as my camera wasn't liking the freezing cold weather!

The sign says Ditto with an arrow pointing to our neighbors who spent 3 days on their lights and decorations and won the Bville Holiday Light contest. tee hee hee! We thought it was funny as hell!!
We had Miss M's 6 month appt and she is right on track for the 50% in all the height, weight and head size. She is way ahead of most with her sitting, standing and crawling. Our dr was amazed but not surprised at all of Miss M's new tricks. She told us to start child proofing the house as she's betting Miss Thang is on the move in the very near future. God help our household when that day comes! Miss Thang got more shots including the H1N1 and the regular flu shot. We have to go back in a month to get more shots as our Dr doesn't like to do too many shots at once (which we certainly appreciate and agree with). So Miss Thang is just as fabulous as we think she is;)



I thought your decorations were funny as hell too! We laughed our asses off. Nicely done! Great Job little Miss M!

Jen said...

I'm lovin' the Christmas decor!!!