Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kicking the Ick!

I'm finally feeling like a real person again. I'm typically not the sick type. I almost never get sick but my immune system has been kicked in the #ss due in a large part to being pregnant for 13 of 15 months. My body is ready to get back to its regularly scheduled life which does NOT include making and nourishing life. Little does my body know... it will be doing this again... maybe even a couple more times. I'm not planning on telling my body as I think after the year and a half that it's had, it would definitely rebel! Maybe science will hurry up and invent a way for men to be pregnant and Lance can do the next couple! Ahhh...that would be great!

Miss Thing has now found/reached my ribs. She was kicking them last wasn't painful per se but just shocking that she's that big already. We have only 48 days left until EDD-day but it seems SO far away as I'm growing by leaps and bounds, getting less to little sleep and not able to eat hardly anything due to Miss Thing squishing my insides. Man does that sound like I'm complaining...I REALLY try not to do that as we are very blessed to be pregnant with a healthy little girl after losing Lily. We both thank God every day for Miss Thing so I definitely don't want to sound like I'm ~over~ the joy of being pregnant because I'm not. I just see the end in sight and can't wait to meet this little wild woman and be able to bend over again!

Speaking of which... here are a list of things that I think need to be invented for preggo women!
  • spray-on lotion that you don't have to rub in. Just spray it on your legs and you're moisturized!
  • sleeping area that elevates you to fend off heart burn, cushions your aching hips yet gives you support so there isn't any back ache, has a cooling system as I'm always roasting, has built in props that keep you on your side but still lets you lean back on pillows so not to squish the baby. Miss Thing hates when I lean too far forward on my body pillow...apparently I'm invading her space. Little does she know... she's invading MY space! She also dislikes when I sleep on my right side. She's a fussy, opinionated thing!
  • tums dispenser that resembles a Pez dispenser (easier access) or even an IV drip of tums.

OK that's it for now but I'm sure I'll think of more;)

Good bye April!! It's been real fun but bring on May and the summer weather. The sooner May gets going, the sooner June gets here! YAY!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Random bits.

  • I seem to have lost my belly button:/ I have or more accurately ~had~ a very nice innie which has been rapidly decreasing in depth. Now it seems to be more of an even-ie. Apparently Miss Thing is taking ALL the room she possibly can. Yikes!
  • my kennel cough (as Lance refers to it) is getting better. I'm not waking myself up all the time and/or gagging from coughing anymore.
  • I seem to have contracted the flu over the weekend which I've deemed the sw.ine flu. Really I don't think I ~have~ the sw.ine flu but since it's all the rage right now I'm trying to be in style. Luckily that seems to be winding down too as I actually have food in my stomach that has been there for longer than 1 hour. Miss Thing really appreciates that too!
  • I have the WORLD'S BEST husband EVER! Lance has been so great while I've been down and out with all the sickness the last week or so. He's the best! We were suppose to take off on a business trip yesterday but there was no way I could travel so he stayed home with me to take care of me. How sweet is that? He even offered to stay home today even though I know he's anxious to get some of his work in the cities done. Seriously...the best!
  • I'm a closet Nascar fan. I do plan on remaining in the closet on this one but I seriously LOVE nascar. We watched the Talledega race yesterday and I told Lance I want to go there and camp in the infield with all the Nascar crazies! Maybe it was just the fever and flu talking but I thought that sounded like fun! Plus it looked so nice there... 82 degrees and sunny. Lance was all for it.
  • I'm rearranging my scraproom for more space. When I say I, I actually mean Lance is moving everything around for me. Again...he's the best! I've decided that there isn't much room for Miss Thing to join me in there unless she's in utero which is NOT where I plan on keeping her for much longer. 50 days left!! I will post pics once I get everything moved around which will take awhile because I have ALOT of stuff. Plus I have to ask Lance in sections so I don't overwhelm him with all my goodies. Plus I only have him move the heavy stuff. I do the rest and I wear out quickly these days.
  • The lilies, roses and hydrangea are starting to bud in Lily's garden! I can't wait to get that finished and all put together this spring. Again a lot of that is going to have to be Lance but I can do some of it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Baby!

Another FAB.U.LOUS doctor's appt for Miss Thing! Although apparently we're going to have to call her Miss Big Thing as she's weighing in at over 1 lb above average. She should be around 3.25-3.5 lbs and she's 4 lbs 7 oz. EEK! Everything looks great on the u/s eventhough she was less than cooperative for the whole process. She did wave at us several times but that was about it. No good face shots again because she would roll or put her hands up again. Little stinker!

I also have not gained a single lb since my last appt 2 weeks ago! YAY!!! Now if only I can keep it that way for a little while longer. I did get an internal check just because Lance and I are going on a big work trip this next week a couple of states away so Dr. R wanted to check to make sure everything was ~sealed up~ still. It was/is and everything looks perfect for 32 weeks along! I don't think I'll EVER get sick of hearing that!

I have just recently experienced my 1st bout of cankles. Ick! I've NEVER seen my ankles so huge in my entire life. Even when I sprained my ankle really bad and was on crutches for 3 weeks, my ankle wasn't this fat. It was like I had gained 100 lbs but solely in my ankles and lower calves. Eww! I guess I shouldn't complain too much as I'm definitely on the homeward stretch but it's still gross.

Today we're packing and trying to clean up the house before we hit the road. I ~need~ to clean/reorganize my scrap room/office but I don't know if it's going to happen today. The sun is shining and I'm going to head outside for some yard work so I can get my vitamin D and so fresh air. Gotta love that!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee!!!

It's my brother's 29th birthday today! YAY!! We had pizza and strawberry-banana pie for him last nite at Mom's house. Now he's watching the Twins play while squatting on our couch. I also maybe him is favorite breakfast this morning which is Favorite Muffins. They are a muffin with nutmeg in it that is dipped in butter then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. I did this as part of a bribe to get him to finish the painting in the nursery. The good news is it worked!

Oh the baby front, less than 2 months! That's crazy!?! Very exciting but wow! What's also crazy is that our crib and dresser/changing table is not coming until the end of MAY now. The company that they were ordered from is notoriously slow plus they won't send a truck unless it's full. So if Miss Thing decides to join us earlier, then she's going to be sleeping in a laundry basket or box. Not very fabulous!! :/

Actually we're getting a pack and play too so she can sleep in the bassinet portion of that but I was really hoping to have the crib this month. We're holding off on finishing the decorating until the furniture comes as we don't exactly know how we're going to arrange things. So we're in wait mode.

I haven't had anymore Braxton Hicks since thursday so YAY for that!! I'm been enjoying the horse show in Fergus all weekend but picked up a severe cough. Lance is calling it kennel cough as a result from being around horses all weekend. For the record, the cough started before the horse show so ~good try hubby~!! Not so much! If anything would make me feel better, it would be a horse show!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's that?

Why is it so silent over at this blog?? Could it be because...
  • the author is 32 weeks pregnant?! (When did that happen?)
  • this pregnancy is completely normal (knocking on wood) except for those dang Braxton Hicks that attacked last night, but those are normal too.
  • I'm swimming in a sea of pink and purple items that need washing, putting away, organinzing, ect
  • I'm STILL waiting for the crib and dresser and starting to freak just a little about that eventhough I have 2 months left if Miss Thing doesn't break out of there sooner.
  • I'm trying to keep up with horse things but I'm killing myself doing it
  • I do try to slide in some work every now and then but my boss is fabulous so he dotes on me. (You all know Lance & I work together right??)
  • I'm trying to get things organized before Miss Thing but I'm starting to wear out.
  • I'm not sleeping very well anymore... which I think is the dumbest thing EVER!! Why shouldn't a pregnant woman, especially near the end, get the greatest sleep ever in order to be well rested for when baby comes.
  • Also, why am I wide awake at 4am??

Isn't it funny how this blog is so completely baby-oriented?! When did that happen? Oh well! Welcome to Motherhood:)

Today I'm cleaning, organizing and putting things away. I'm calling on the crib to see what the ETA is. I'm photoshopping with some friends tonite as they are new to photoshop and need help. I'm taking Teddy for a walk, making strawberry banana pie for Lee's birthday this weekend & taking a nap! Tomorrow I'm going to a horse show... can't wait! My horse is not ready for the show yet as she is still shedding like crazy. It looks like she has ~the mange~ or is molting! She's slick (no winter hair) on her neck and shoulders, has clumps of hair in the middle and her butt is furry. She's quite funny looking!! Definitely NOT is show shape!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Another great OB appt!

Miss Thing is doing great! Her heartbeat was 139 bpm. I'm up another 3 lbs (from a month ago) which I was shocked that it wasn't more because the belly has more than doubled in the last 2 weeks. My tests (glucose tolerance, urine culture & hemoglobin) were all perfect. I'm still measuring ahead but I have been the whole time. Dr. R is very impressed with how well I'm doing with pregnancy in general. YAY!! We go to appts every 2 weeks now. I'm wondering... when do the internal exams/checks start?

We had our carseat class last night and a labor/delivery class on Wed. They were both really good. We did a tour of the family birth center which we've obviously been to before with Lily but we saw more of the normal areas such as triage, the nursery, ect. It was weird being back there as everything with Lily was such a blur due to all the emotion, anxiety, ect. I didn't even really remember where my labor room was except that it was kinda by the kitchen because Lee kept running across the hallway to get me grape popsicles. I can't wait till we go back there when Miss Thing decides to make her appearance and make it a good place instead of a dreaded, icky place. We still need to sign up for lamaze...I'm just not sure when we're going to fit it in... but we will!

My horse is doing AWESOME at the trainers! She's still not shed out enough to show next weekend but that's ok. I'll still have 3 shows I can hit this spring before Miss Thing is due... that is if Miss Thing decides to cooperate and wait until closer to her due date to arrive.

It's Lance's birthday tomorrow! The big 2-7!! Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a cradle robber. I'm very proud of it too! We're only 4 years apart so I don't think that qualifies me as a cougar. Doesn't it have to be like 10+ years to be a cougar? More power to those women!! Can you imagine being 40-ish y.o. and having a 20-something boyfriend?!! Wowza!!! Grrr!!!!! Anyway... we're having a BBQ gathering tonight at our house for his birthday. Just low key and casual. I'll take lots of pics of the b-day boy and post them later.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More shower info.

The shower was held at our home because we have a great house for entertaining plus its big so we can comfortably fit a lot of people in it. Lance's MIL and AIL threw it for us. They did an absolutely FABULOUS job. They did all the decorating plus some of the cleaning! I barely had to do anything except keep the coffee going for them:) It was very nice to have the shower at our house so we didn't have to pack everything up and haul it back. We will be packing and hauling at the next one in May but that's ok.
The game with the cotton balls on the nose is: you divide everyone up into 2 teams. You put vaseline on your nose then go "pick up" a cotton ball with your nose. Then you have to go drop it in a bowl. Dropping it is the key as it is hard to get that cotton ball away from the vaseline! It was definitely a great game that everyone could do.
It was such a great time! I'm doing laundry like crazy as I want to get as much as possible done before Miss Thing makes her arrival.

We start our baby classes this week... A carseat class and what to expect during labor on wednesday and thursday evening. It's Lance's birthday on Saturday but we're going to have a gathering at our house on Friday nite. Just a casual BBQ and cake with some friends. I have a prayer service tonight and funeral tomorrow for a very good friend of mine's brother who just passed away from cancer. I'm going to try to fit in a walk with Teddy everyday plus a couple of visits with my horse. I need to return a few items we received at the shower as we got 3 sets of the same size/color/design onesies. It was on the registry but we don't need 3 of the same size! I'm going to call on our nursery furniture as it's suppose to be here in April. I'm very anxious to get it and get the room all set up and finished. I'm such a planner that I want to do as much as possible. I've got to get all my type A traits out as much as possible before Miss Thing crashes it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What a party!

WOW! This child is not going to need clothes for the next year. We're going to have to add on to her closet in order to fit it all in. The turn out was huge! We almost ran out of cake, punch and food. I don't think my MIL expect everyone plus some to show up. We also received our travel system which is perfect timing as we have our carseat class on Thursday.

Here's some pics!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sorry it's so quiet over here...

We've been on the run... to work, the barn, store, vet, ect. We've also had the decorating fairies (aka Lance's mom, aunts and grandma) attacking our house for the last couple of days. Our house looks like a fairy princess land with tons of pink and purple. I think Lance might be next, if he doesn't watch out;) Our 1st baby shower is TOMORROW. WTH??? Really??? Is it already that time? How can it seem like I've been pregnant for years (and I actually HAVE) but all of a sudden there's only 10 weeks left... where did the time go??

I will post a ton... and I do mean a TON of pictures from the shower on Sunday or Monday. It depends on how exhausted I am from all the festivities!!

Have a great weekend:)