Sunday, December 4, 2011

7 years!

NO... it has NOT been 7 years since my last post:/ lol

It is our 7th anniversary! This is the 1st year, since our wedding in 2004, that we haven't had snow. There are a few flurries floating around but nothing that is accumulating! Love that:) We aren't doing any thing fun or romantic...just hanging out at home with the kids. I'm making Christmas cookies, we're going to decorate the tree and Makenna & I will probably go ride:) A nice day!

I'm a little behind on my JYC already but I'm going to catch up!
  • 2nd- the weather outside is ________. Well normally in MN its frightful but this Nov & Dec have been fabulous!! The longer we can be without snow the better.
  • 3rd - Christmas cards - Mine are ordered and should be here this week. My labels are printed and ready to go and I just need to write our Christmas letter. I had a hold up as our professional photos took forever to come back.
  • 4th (today) -The Perfect Christmas. Hmmmm, I'm not sure what my idea of a perfect Christmas is? Let's see....softly snowing big fat flakes, just finished attending a wonderful Christmas service at church, picking up a large Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Mocha (non fat no whip) at Caribou, going home to a wonderful supper, cozy pajamas, beautifully lit and decorated tree, snuggling with the fam by the tree while Uncle entertains us all with his antics. Snuggling sweet Jax to sleep and enjoying having him with us this year. Wondering what we did without him and Makenna for that matter. Relishing in the joy that the bring to us. Then falling asleep (out cold) from the said blessings wearing us out! lol

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stationery card

Hearts So Bright Christmas Card
Creating Christmas cards has never been this easy.
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