Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in pictures!

Wow does Miss Thang look like a cross between Lance and my brother! :/
I swore I'd never be one of ~those~ mothers that put weird crap on my baby's head. Oh well...I couldn't help it! She looked SO cute!!

"Uncle Lee! Wanna try?"

I love presents from Santa!!!
This is also the 1st time of kneeling and pulling up on something:/


Jen said...

Looks like somebody got a little spoiled for Christmas!

And thanks for the reassurance on Hayden. I think that I was fine until they started pushing the amnio when it didn't make sense. That's what really got to me!


What a big girl! She's ADORABLE!!!

Birdee said...

Oh My Goodness, she looks just like you! She is so dang cute!
and I LOVE all the crap on her head =D
I love the new pic on you blog (at the top). She's just a doll baby.
Now I miss mine. :(

Shannon said...

Great pictures! LOL "weird crap"!!!