Friday, December 18, 2009

Cake bites.

Have you ever had cake bites? One of my students brought me these yesterday. Oh. My. God. Yummmmmmy! Talk about a little piece of chocolate heaven. Lance was lucky that I saved any for him because I SO could have eaten all of them in one sitting. So I've been searching the net for a recipe so I can make these littel goodies for Christmas. Here it is. This is what I'll be doing tomorrow along with a couple other cookies and the easy bread recipe. I love baking! I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to because there aren't enough people living in this home to eat all the goodies and Lance and I don't want to weigh 500 lbs each!

The last day of class went great. All my grades are in and I'm done with Fall 2009. Now I have to start prepping for Winter 2010. That is the one disadvantage of being a teacher vs student. I think that's the only one though;)

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Jen said...

I have made them! I made cupcake bites from You should check her site out!