Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Lord. What a tantrum:/

Seriously. Nearly 9 months old should not equal a screaming-throw-yourself-backwards-on-the-ground fit! Miss Thang seriously screamed for 5-10 minutes because I wanted her to take a nap even though she was already rubbing her eyes and yawning. That was obviously not on her To-Do list. Yikes! Can't wait until she's 2:/ (said with saracasm!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

We're going swimming!

We signed M up for water babies at one of the local colleges. Our 1st class is tomorrow morning at 10am. I'm very excited about it. M loves swimming and water so I think she'll have a blast:)

I was scrapping all weekend long with the Good Time Girls! Stacy has pics on her facebook page of it (I'm tagged in a few). I'll try to get some pics of the pages I made but it might be this weekend since I did NOTHING school related and need to play catch up:)

M and I are home alone this weekend since Lance is going to the Vegas Nascar race. He's got box seats with a friend of ours...I think it will completely ruin him for sitting in the nosebleed section ever again.

I'm riding Faith in a western pleasure class tomorrow for a judging class. It will be fun to have a more serious practice session. It's a busy week and I'm beat (and slightly crabby!!) so I'm going to grab my newest scrapbook magazine and go to bed.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is how I do it.

Miss Thang has mastered the art of getting down the sunken living room step!
Such a big girl:)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All I want to Valentine's Day

are my 2 (top) teeth!
First here is a nice picture of the bottom 2 that came in before Christmas.

I haven't gotten a pic of the top 2 yet because someone won't let me. Plus the right one is all the way through but just a little of it. The left one is over 1/2 through the gum so they really aren't picture worthy yet. That explains all the drool and chewing on anything that moves!

Here is just a cute pic of Miss Thang. Please excuse the fact that nothing is edited because I'm lazy and don't want to do that right now so I can get down to the command station (aka scraproom) to pack my stuff for the 3 day crop that I'm going to with the girls! I am SO excited to go!!

If any of you need to justify purchasing a boppy and someone just doesn't think it's worth the $30....well....

A. they are ABSOLUTELY insane and have never had a baby

B. here is another use for the boppy!

Laptop holder!
For all the long time friends that read this, you ~know~ how I feel about Valentine's Day from last year's ranting post. I've never liked it:/ It's odd because I have the most romantic, wonderful hubby. This year he brought home flowers and donuts!!! I'm a HUGE donut freak!! Man does he love me;) (and knows me well!!)
For all you V-Day lovers, happy day:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend review.

We went to my Gram's 90th birthday party on Saturday!! She's a spitfire! Her body is failing her but her mind and spirit are alive and kicking!! Miss Thang was quite a hit also as she made it her mission to entertain each and every person at the party! She was one tired baby when it was all said and done. Of course the fact that she went nap free pre-party didn't help. It was nice that she slept the whole way home (1.5 hrs). We weren't even out of town before she was out cold.

Gram & Makenna
M's 1st encounter w/ balloons! She loves them:)

My mom & Makenna snuggling.

The only picture of me from the day aside from the one that Lance took of my butt. No one wants to see that:/ I do have some rockin' shoes though;) Love them!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

OMG Drama Queen!

Miss Thang just spent the last hour screaming, flailing and throwing herself on the floor. If this is how 8 months is, I don't even want to fit how the terrible 2's are going to be:/

Other than that, she's been very good. Sleeping better at night. Thanks to Gina, I tried the Hyland teething tablets and those seem to help her out. She's flying up the stairs, chasing and "hugging" the animals and just generally into everything! She said Mom twice but I'm not sure if it was real or not. The one time she was looking right at me and said Mom then a lot of baby garble which I can only assume was her saying "Mom, you are the bestest ever!" :)

We have my Gram's 90th birthday party this Saturday!! Yay Gram! It will be so much fun for her. Plus all that going on will wear M out! Yay for Nascar starting (I get fabulous naps during the races) and the Superbowl. I'm over half done with the quarter of teaching and things are rolling along quite nicely.

I'm very ready to wean Miss M but since she won't take a bottle and really has not much interest in a sippy, I guess I'm stuck. I'm just waiting until she gets better with the sippy or she turns 1 and can have cows milk not momma milk! That will be a big celebrating beer guzzling day for me!

Miss M turns 8 months on Saturday. I can't even believe it! I already scheduled her 1 year pictures with Rialee Photography, the same lady that did her newborn pics and I took the PhotographyMama class from. She books up so fast that you have to get in quick with her!

Well I'm going to enjoy a few moments of post-temper tantrum peace and quick before Miss Thang wakes up from her nap. ~slowly sipping my diet dew~~~~~~