Thursday, September 27, 2007

HUGE, I tell you!

That is exactly what my post is going to be!! I've got some great stories and pics for you! Great! It will so be ~well~ worth the wait! It will be a Fabulous Friday with a fabulously huge post full of pretty pictures and funny/great stories. It will be a must read, I tell you!!

Wait for it! Wait for it! Only 17.5 hours until the Fabulous Friday post!

See you tomorrow! ~wink~ tee hee hee

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

EEK! Is it even allowed to say good and monday in the same sentence? I am having a great morning though! Why, I'm not sure... could it be that it's one day closer to having our new washer and dryer delivered? Am I a complete dork that I'm beyond thrilled to be getting a new washer and dryer?? Yes, probably! I'll post pictures of them tomorrow. I've never been so excited to do laundry in my entire life!!! That's what I will be doing all tomorrow evening:) I'll give you the full washer and dryer update/info tomorrow when I have pictures.
What a great weekend it was! Except for Scout running away...AGAIN!! It seems like every month or so he doesn't like his home and off he goes. Good thing we have great neighbors and he has tags. For being in renal failure and very arthritic, you would think he wouldn't be very likely to run. He can barely move as is. Dang dog!
Other than that, it was great. I got caught up on some sleep, reading my magazines, cleaning, even a little scrapping. Although my scraproom is a distaster (more than usual) from my Mom swiping 2 of my storage units. Gotta watch her every minute!! ha ha ha! Actually I was happy to give them up as I'm going to get the IKEA Expedit shelving unit. I have to wait until the 2nd week in October though as that is when I'll be in Minneapolis (closest IKEA). It'll be worth it though:) Can't wait!!
Well, off to work I go! Make it a great day:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3rd edition of Whiskers Wednesday!!

I'm off to a 4 day horse show this afternoon plus planning/organizing/scrambling to get lots of things done for our work conference we put on every year. So this will be a photo-packed Whiskers Wednesday sans a story. Not that I don't have plenty but I'm lacking time. Next week will be the same as I won't be near a computer at all on Wed and Thursday. Maybe I'll do WW on Tuesday....We'll see! Enjoy:^)

Uggs "helping" me take pictures! He is my constant shadow, alarm clock, scrapper, dish washer...the list could go on and on! He's always got his paws ready to help!

I absolutely love this picture of Teddy! It is so characteristic of him. "Whatcha doin' now?" Love it!! Mr. Scout is in the background guarding his bone. Teddy's not going to get that one:)
"The Fat One"....just chillin'
Uggs being very wild! I love how his arms are bow-legged!

Friday, September 7, 2007

I totally missed...

Whisker Wednesday! WTH?? I just start a new thing on my blog and I completely spaced it out this week! So I'm going to say TGIF and do a catch-up Whisker Wednesday.

So, Lance has been home this week doing a bunch of business stuff (what I have no clue but apparently he's swamped?!). Lance and I go to bed at the same time generally, but when I get up at 5:30am he's still sleeping soundly and doesn't get up until quite a bit later. It's amazing how he's always so wiped out yet he gets way more sleep than I do?? Crap, this is totally turning into a DH vent...EEK...ok, back to the whiskers part. So just this week Teddy has decided that my spot on the bed looks awfully inviting. First of all, we do not allow the dogs on the bed but Teddy knows Lance is a very heavy sleeper. So, I'm assuming, Teddy gently jumps on the bed and then curls up behind Lance and goes to sleep with him. Lance is absolutely certain that Teddy is jumping on the bed to wake him up because I use Teddy as an alarm clock for Lance once in a while. He does a very nice job at waking Lance up and not letting him fall back to sleep. Now, I have not witnessed this event as Teddy waits until I'm gone so he doesn't get into trouble. Not this morning! I'm in the bathroom with the door closed because I like to watch the news as I'm getting ready for work and don't want to disturb Lance's sleep. (Ha ha ha, like that would EVER happen!!) Anyway, I walk out of the bathroom and what do I see?? Ted Ted curled up (so cute) on the bed with his head on MY pillow! Lance was sound asleep but Teddy noticed I was looking at him so he watched me with one eye but didn't move an inch just in case I didn't notice him. He doesn't want to draw any attention to himself, little stinker! So I got dressed and left them to sleep....little rats! I should have grabbed the camera but I was running late so I didn't. It was adorable though! Dang puppy:)

So TGIF again and have a wonderful weekend! I'm heading down to Cannon Falls to work with an awesome trainer that I met at the Regional Experience. I'm looking forward to learning A LOT! Faith and I will be there Sat and Sun.

SOOOOO loving the fall weather!! YAY:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What day is it??

I always have this problem when it's a holiday week! Not that I mind at all!!!:) That is definitely not the case. I don't have pictures to share yet as we didn't get home until late yesterday evening but we did have an absolutely fabulous time at the Breezy Point Resort in Northern MN. It was so much fun!! I've never been up there before so it was a wonderful new experience for me. We did alot of shopping, some mini-golf (I had 3 hole-in-ones!!YAY me!!), sight seeing, and relaxing. We had great time! The dogs stayed with G&G Haugen, which they love because of all the room to run and the lake to swim in. The dogs ate a little when we got home then slept for the rest of the night! Love love love when the dogs come home from G&G's house!!! They are shot for about 2-3 days after! Nice:)

This is just a quick drive-by post but I will have lots of pictures to share tonight or tomorrow!