Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas cookies galore!

I was baking up a storm today. I made 4 different kinds of cookies plus the easy bread which is rising in M's room. I love baking so that was fun for me but I'm glad to have it all done with. I have all the Christmas presents wrapped except for the few gifts that I need to finish making. Hopefully I can get them all done Tuesday when M goes to daycare for a little while so I can have some time to clean and finish up Christmas stuff. I just can't believe how fast Christmas is coming! Pretty soon I'm going to be showing my horse again...YAY!!! I need to get on the weight loss/get back in shape band wagon since I cannot use "I just had a baby" excuse anymore for my less than flat belly. Yikes! I need a gurdle!

OK, I'm off to bed...oh speaking of beds...we bought a new one! YAY!!! We ordered a sleep number bed so hopefully that will help my back feel better because it's adjustable. It should be here before the New Year. Can't wait!


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