Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Wonder!

I love the weekends but they seem to go by too fast. They also don't come around often enough! It should be Mon, Tues, weekend, Wed, Thurs, Fri, weekend, repeat! That would be awesome!

This weekend is going to be spent cleaning and getting those projects done that need completing before we have a ton of people at our house for the baby shower Lance's fam is throwing us next Saturday. I can't believe it's already ~that~ time! We're also hitting the road again tomorrow for a short work week. YAY... I love short work weeks!!

Faith, my horse, is doing great at the trainers! She is still shedding like crazy and almost starting to look like a show horse! Almost... except for the extremely fuzzy ears and poll. I'm hoping to head out there today or tomorrow but we're not suppose to have unnecessary travel in and around Fargo/Moorhead due to the flood. Is going out to the barn to play with my horse unnecessary? Hmmm.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the mend.

Oh man do I feel better today. I'm actually able to walk, climb the stairs and get my pants on without assistance. I feel like a new woman! OK, maybe not that great but SO much better than Tuesday or yesterday.
I forgot to mention that I am officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER! WTH?! Where did that come from? I can't believe I have 83 days left. It seems like it goes by so slow then all of a sudden I get a mommy/baby email about "are your bags packed?". I saw that yesterday and thought WTH do I need my bags packed for? I read a little farther and discovered that in about 6 weeks they are suggesting that I have my bags packed. OK, that settled down my freak out a little. We still have quite a bit to get ready before Miss Thing gets here. We don't have our crib or dresser/changing table here yet. It's ordered but won't be in until April sometime which is right around the corner. We don't have our stroller/car seat and several other essential items but I'm planning on buying all that after our baby showers.

Today I'm off to the clinic to do my glucose tolerance test. Then onto Target, the party store and the barn to see my horse. If you haven't heard, Fargo/Moorhead is in a major flood watch. The Red River is due to crest on Saturday sometime so for the last few days this area has been virtually shut down so everyone can help sandbag. My horse is at the trainers which is about 1/4 mile away from the Sheyenne River which is also going to crest on Saturday. The water is right under the bridge and getting ready to go over the road anytime. We're hoping to not have to move all the horses out of there but if we have to that is completely fine. It's better to be safe than sorry. We live 25 miles outside of Moorhead and are high and dry. There isn't any water around us but we do have about 5 inches of new snow. Ick! Fargo also received snow which is not helping with the flood fight.
I'm off to hit the town! Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I've always been a very independent woman. That's just my nature. If you ask me to help you, I am MORE than willing and happy too. BUT if I have to ask for just doesn't happen very often. Lance and I have gone rounds on this especially while I'm pregnant as I feel there really isn't that much that I can't do even when pregnant. Lance feels differently and would like me to ask for help more.
Let me give you an example:
We moved Faith (my horse) to the trainers on Saturday in order for them to put some time on her while I can't ride. Plus she needs just a little additional finishing that I just can't do. So I let her relax and settle in on Sat and Sun (she's been there before as that's where I board when I'm not pregnant and showing hard. She even has her same stall!). I went out to clean her up on Monday and work a little showmanship. Now Faith has been in a non-heated barn for the last 9 months but she's been blanketed so she's furry but not super hairy. She is normally a very hairy horse so I have some major clipping to do. Plus she was filthy so I wanted to give her a bath. Lance dropped me off at the barn while he ran errands. I started out clipping Faith's front legs and face. I thought I would split it up as that's a lot of bending over for a pregnant lady! Then I lunged her and worked showmanship. By the end, I am sweating like a pig. I'm working in an arena (aka deep dirt/sand) and it's usually a tropical 75 degrees in the barn/arena. So I finish clipping Faith's hind legs then give her a bath. 3 hours later and I'm FINALLY finished. So I call Lance to tell him I'm done and whenever he wants to pick me up that's great. The trainers are riding like crazy so I'm just going to sit in the chairs, watch and relax. Lance gets there so I go pull Faith's cooler off as she's almost dry now. I have stiffened up so but the more I move the better I feel. We leave, get groceries, go to Best Buy then go home and I make supper. By now I'm getting pretty stiff and slightly sore. After supper, Lance fills up the jacuzzi tub for me and I relax in there for a little while, then put the heating pad on my sore back and go to bed. I get up a couple of times to pee, of course, and can barely move. I attribute it to being groggy and my eyes aren't very open, so I go back to sleep. Lance wakes me up at 6am so we can get ready to hit the road by 7am. I eat breakfast first, especially while preggo, so I'm going to head down to the kitchen and I literally can.not.walk. I can barely get out of bed much less walk. My hips are so stiff they will barely flex forward, my sciatic nerve is on fire and my left leg is numb. I feel horrible. I slowly hobble to the kitchen and Lance looks at me in horror. I mumble "I guess I over did it yesterday" and stagger to the fridge. I finish breakfast and head back up to our room to hit the shower. I crawled up the first 4 steps but then I get stuck. I yell for Lance & he has to lift/carry me the rest of the way up. Needless to say, I am still at home and barely moving around. My right hip let loose around noon so that will flex forward but the rest of me is still pretty crippled. The good news is Miss Thing is feeling fine as she's been entertaining me all day with her bouncing around and my horse looks fabulous!
So the moral of this story is that apparently I can't do EVERYthing I could do pre-pregnancy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!! (awhile ago....)

Happy St. Patty's Day too! Let me tell you... St. Patty's is the best day to have a birthday. There is always something fun going on if you are up to it! I turned 31 on March 17th! It seems like a good age so far. We are on the road again but because I'm married to the best hubby ever, we only worked until 6pm then went to wander around the waterfalls/park which I absolutely love. Then Lance had food delivered out to us at the park then we drove around and looked at big beautiful houses. I didn't think things could get much better but it did. We were ungraded to the jacuzzi suite so I soaked in the tub and watched the ending of the Biggest Loser while Lance was doing something?! It turns out he ran to Wally to get me a card and a little chocolate cake complete with candles. Yummy!! Such a great hubby! A wonderful birthday too!!

Well I didn't ever get a chance to finish that post so I'm finishing it now... many days later. Things are going great for us...Miss Thing is moving like crazy and I felt her hiccup for the 1st time a couple of days ago. It was very cool! We moved my horse to the trainers today in order to get her back to her job. She's hairy and out of shape so it'll be good for her to get back in the swing of things. We were suppose to have our 1st baby class today which was infant CPR training but both Lance and I spaced it out and remembered it about 2 hours after the class started. Oops!!! I guess I'll be rescheduling that one. It's so NOT like us to forget about our commitments like that but this one slipped us both. I hate not showing up for something I've commited too. Oh well. I will NOT forget about the other classes that for sure! Tomorrow I'm heading to a local horse show to watch some of my friends and their kids show and socialize! It's always fun to hit the first horse show of the season.

Our Hawaii trip wound up a bust! Booo! Actually, I backed out on it at the last minute because I just didn't think I could do the flights (9+ hours). I'm already having swelling issues so I chickened out and told Lance I didn't want to go. We didn't lose anything on the deal so it's not a big deal but I still feel bad as we were both really looking forward to it. Oh well... there's always another time!

Friday, March 13, 2009

More pics of Miss Thing

Here is the infamous feet over the head picture.
How is that comfortable??
A cute hand picture too!
I had another very successful and quick OB appt yesterday. My OB was called away for an emergency c-section so I met with the PA. She was OK... definitely not my doctor and his style but it was just one quick appt. My bp was back in the normal range so that is great. I'm measuring right on according to her but she also didn't measure like he does so I'm probably still 2 weeks ahead like I've been for the last 10 weeks.

This morning I was laying in bed trying to talk myself into getting up when Miss Thing decided that she was going to be up too. I had my hand/arm slung across my stomach when all of a sudden it must have been bothering Miss Thing as she gave it a big boot and my hand/arm jumped off my stomach. It was so funny. I laid it back down in the same place and she continued to kick the crap out of it. Apparently it was in her way or her space or whatever. For some reason she had an issue with it being there. Oh the attitude at such a young age:/

Today I hoping to get a ton accomplished including laundry, phone calls, painting and organizing. We have 2 sections of our house that still need painting... 1 is the downstairs landing/foyer area and the other is the main living space that is hugely tall. I'm going to try to tackle the downstairs so that's one less thing to do after Miss Thing gets here. I think we're going to hire the main area to be painted bacause of all the windows and the celings are so tall.
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

26 week belly

Here is the belly and some nursery pics of the new bookshelf and chair/recliner.
These were self-potraits due to Lance being on the road and I'm snowed in. We're having a huge blizzard right now where all roads around our area are closed along with all schools and most businesses. It's not spring today! Maybe next week:/

Excuse the mess in the room as I finally found Dreft HE so I've been washing clothes and baby blankets. I bought some baby hangers but apparently not enough. Plus my mom dropped off some baby shower stuff & decorations so that's what's in the bag.
Here is Lance in his new t-shirt.

It says: If it weren't for my wife, daughter, and horse... I'd be rich!
He had joked about having some shirts made like this to sell at the horse shows. I told him not everyone would agree with this statement! I did think it was funny and probably very true so I had it made for him. I was going to give it to him later on but I couldn't wait. For the record, he did say "If it weren't for my wife and horse... I'd be rich" but I added the daughter because I'm sure Miss Thing will take after her mother and have NO problem spending her father's money! tee hee hee

Bloomer Horse Trailer & other items for sale

This post is for all those interested in our 2003 Bloomer Horse Trailer and other horse show items. This will ensure that you will actually see the pics and I won't get the "Return to Sender" email. Thanks!!

It's options include:
floating floor
rear tack
enclosed hay pod
hydrallic hitch
escape door
tail side drop windows
leather sofa and dinette
hard wood floors
huge bathroom
central vac
convection oven/microwave
bigger RV size fridge and freezer
fold down bunk bed over the sofa
Direct TV & dish
3 cedar lined wardrobe closets
3 large fresh water water tanks
newer tires
sliding screen door
upgraded lighting in interior
awning but it needs to be replaced
transferrable extended warranty (which we haven't had to use)

Royal Purple SMS outfit made by CM Show Apparel

Raspberry Deb Moyer Shirt

Woods Western Wear chaps

Dale Chavez Show Saddle

Monday, March 9, 2009

100 days left!


Seriously?! That is not very long!
3 days until my next OB appt.
10 days until we go to Hawaii.
14 days until the 3rd trimester.
25 days until my first baby shower.
55 days until my 2nd shower.


Miss Thing has really taken to punching her daddy when he's rubbing my belly. I'm going to assume this is a love tap and not so much a punch. She punches/kicks/moves right under his hand. At first Lance thought it was my ab muscles contracting. Ha! I said with as stretched as my abs are, there is no contracting. Especially in one central location like that. I can easily feel her move on the outside especially in the morning when she's just waking up (I'm assuming). It's very cool!

I haven't taken any pics yet. I will do it today as I have several other things to photograph. We are also in a winter storm advisor now and a blizzard warning for tomorrow. Yuck! I'm so sick of snow! Bring on the sun, flowers and green grass.

Also, Jules to answer your question...yes I was induced with Lily. I had pitocin and 3 doeses cervitek or cervodil...I can't remember which?? I'm thinking we're going to do the lamaze class just to be extra prepared because I do think it will be very different this time. Thanks for your info and insight!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phew. (& a question.)

What a week! Work has been overwhelmingly busy. It's hard for us to keep up even with working until 8-9pm every night. That is not an ideal work environment for a pregnant lady with swelling feet and fingers! Lance is finally starting to understand that my quality of work starts to decline drastically at about 4-5pm with it heading straight into the toilet around 8pm. I can do the bare essentials but he has to pick up the slack. I need a break! Luckily, we're trying to wrangle a quick vacation/babymoon before Miss Thing makes her grand appearance. I would LOVE to go back to Jamaica but I don't want to give birth in a Jamaican hossy. Now I'm not ~planning~ on giving birth or having problems while on vacation but if something should happen, I'd like to be at an American facility. Now I know I can't get into much trouble from my lounge chair under a cabana but you never know! So we're heading back to Hawaii for 5-6 days in 1.5 weeks! Ahhh, it will be fabulous! Now I just need to find swimwear. I think I'm just going to get a bigger size as I'm not really into the tent-like outfits that are maternity swimsuits. We'll see.

On the agenda for this weekend:
  • laundry -ours and Miss Things as I finally found Dreft for HE (aka front load) washers. I have a ton of clothes, sheets and blankets that I'd like to get cleaned up for her and put away.
  • decorating the nursery - we picked up a chair, bookshelf and several decorations at Ikea yesterday that we're going to put up and install. Ikea is great because they have birch furniture and all our woodwork is birch so it matches pretty well. I'll take more pics when we're down with this part.
  • belly pic - we are a week behind and I've REALLY grown so that is on the agenda... AFTER I take a shower!
  • finish making Miss Thing's blankets -I'm almost done...I'll take pics of those too!
  • many horse things on the list including getting Faith a real job again! She's been retired for TOO long and she's too good to sit around while I reproduce! Very exciting stuff in store for her!
  • breathe ... just because I need to take a moment with my feet up to enjoy this pregnancy and Miss Thing and all the good things that are coming our way. We are almost under 100 days! Holy crap! How can that be?? It has gone by fast, slow, warp speed and a stand still all at the same time. I am almost in the 3rd trimester which is virtually unbelievable to me. This whole portion of pregnancy is new to me until I get to the labor and delivery...I've been there although this will be so different.... thank God!

Oh, speaking of pregnancy... why are Lamaze classes so freaking long??? We can take it on Friday nite from 6-9:30pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm or 3 Wednesdays in a row for 3-4 hours each. Really???? I mean, I really feel like we need to go even though I went through one labor and delivery without any of that information but I really like to be prepared. When I was giving birth to Lily, the nurse said "Now breathe like the taught you in lamaze." Both Lance and I were like...seriously?? We haven't hit that part in the pregnancy yet so I'm just going to wing it. She, of course, apologized and talked me through it and everything was fine. I need lamaze class? I'd like to go natural if possible so does that make it more necessary? I went natural with Lily but she wasn't full size. It was all the same contractions and all but not the huge pressure... I think. What do you think??

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Explaining the Crazy Toe

Lance has ugly feet. He has deformed toes and his 2nd toe is longer than the 1st which is weird looking. Now, I know there are a lot of people that don't like the way feet look but his are really weird. So I always tease him about his "crazy toe". When we had Lily at 21 weeks, she totally had his feet... the 2nd toe was longer than the 1st but her's were WAY cuter!! It really looks like Miss Thing is going to have this too. Apparently the crazy toe is dominant?! EEK!

I'm keeping this short as we're working non-stop and I'm fighting a cold and I need sleep. I would kill for some good cold meds but alas I'm stuck with toughing it out. Night night!!