Monday, December 1, 2008

First day of Journal Your Christmas!

Here is my LO for my JYC album:

This is the u/s picture from our d/a 3 weeks ago. ~blush~ It's been hanging on the fridge since and I thought I took a picture of it but alas I didn't! We have another d/a on Thursday so I swear I'll post that u/s picture sooner.

These little beauties showed up on my doorstep last Wed (day before Thanksgiving) from my wonderful hubby! He's so good with surprises like that!! Love that about him:) They are some of the most beautiful, healthy flowers I've ever received. Love him!

Today, I'm making Christmas cookies after I run to town to get groceries and do the final fitting on my bridesmaid dress. I'm still at a loss as what to wear under my dress. With the corsetted back there is always the chance that the panel will move around and show WAY more of my backside than necessary if I wear my normal undies. EEK! I tried one size larger spanx but the belly did not like them. I don't like ~regular~ undies as they never stay in the right place. Any suggestions ladies??


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaa......about your thanksgiving post. I just want to say that I think you missed a couple important things that you should be thankful for. Let me list them (by level of importance):

1. Your brother
2. Your brother
3. Your brother
4. Pie
5. Your brother
6. Apple cider (it was amazing)
7. Your brother
8-10 See 1-3

Looks like 80% of the things you should be thankfull for are your brother...Maybe we should keep this in mind when the next holiday comes up.

PS I don't actually "know" your brother but i'm just going to go out on a limb here.

good looking chick said...

i DO know your brother and i'm just going to say it.....the man is good looking....just saying

Hot chick 2 said...

I agree with good looking chick....the man has an animal magnetism about him....grrr

Jen said...

Beautiful flowers! Tulips and lilies are my favorite and so very hard to find this time of year.