Monday, December 8, 2008


What a weekend! Ember's wedding was beautiful! Everything worked out great. Everyone looked great. It was fun! I'll post pics when I get some uploaded and receive some from others as I was less than stellar with the camera this weekend. I was so exhausted with all the activities that the camera didn't make it's usual appearance as often as normal.

The girls did manage to wedge me in my dress but I felt really puffy. Like I'm bloated all over. Even my face is really filling out....not cool! I wasn't like that at all with Lily! I'm hoping this is a phase otherwise I'm going to look like a sumo wrestler by the time June rolls around. EEK! It's all for a good cause though.

This week is full of Christmas cards, the last of the shopping, cookie making and general merriment! The Holiday Lights contest is Thursday so Lance has the house looking fabulous.

edited to include a couple of pics from Ember's wedding!


Jewels said...

Oh wow, you look stunning, looks like you all had so much fun =D

Jen said...

You are looking absolutely fabulous, my dear!