Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh the snow!!

We almost got stuck in SD yesterday! We had more work to do with a blizzard coming into town and Lance ~had~ to get to the cities for the Vik.ings game today so we decided to postpone the work and get out of dodge! Or rather Sioux Falls! The roads weren't too bad...there were a few places that were no visibility but not impossible. They got better and better as we continued north. It's very nice to be home even if it was spent getting L unpacked, reloaded and packed again. L went straight to the garage and went to snow blowing for a couple of hours. He's such a hard worker that I'm afraid he's going to burn out pretty soon if he doesn't slow down his schedule, be it proefssional or personal! He does pretty well on little sleep (which will come in very handy in 6 months!!) but then he crashes. I'm just waiting for the crash...I'm guessing it will happen Christmas eve and day. He'll sleep until noon and then he's good to go. What a guy!

I'm over my cold! YAY!! I'm cleaning, watching football and doing laundry. It's nice to get the house in tip top shape! L thinks I'm nesting but I told him it's too soon for that. Yet I have found myself cleaning the walls (WTH??), cleaning garbage cans and vaccuming/cleaning carpet like crazy. What do you girls think?? Is this nesting?? If it is, I'll take it as I LOVE a clean house!! I think I have spring fever too which is illegal this early in the winter in MN but I can't help it. Bring on the tulips, pastel colors, horse shows and easter!!! I'm a freak, I know:/

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