Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eventhough this is my 2nd pregnancy...

this one is SO different from the 1st one, symptom wise. Is it normal to have mild cramping in the lower uterus area? It wasn't painful per se but annoying enough that I wanted to rub it to make it go away. Is this something I need to call the doctor for? I have an appt on Thursday so I'll mention it to him but do I need to worry about this? Ladies?? ...not Lee.... who is telling everyone that I'm just eating for 2 because it's the holidays. He's such a shit!
I did lay down for a couple of hours with my feet up and that totally helped so am I just lifting too much and over-doing it?? Again, no comments Lee!!!

Here is my 2nd page for my JYC album. It's not very eventful here weather-wise.... which is so surprising for December in Minnesota!

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