Tuesday, December 9, 2008

mmmmm... Grape Juice!

For the last 2-3 weeks I have craved grape juice. Now I like grape juice but never like this! I'm not one to ever wake up during the middle of the night and go eat or drink something. The last couple of weeks, if I wake up I immediately think "I bet grape juice would be great right now". It's so weird!

I almost finished all my Christmas shopping yesterday. This is such a relief! I'm hoping to get all the wrapping done with today, along with shoveling the driveway since it only snows when Lance is gone. I have Chix Nite tonight so there will be a lot of laughing and drinking (not for me!). I'm sure I'll be the DD! I also need to get caught up on my JYC pages as I fell behind while participating in Ember's wedding and all the fun festivities.

There is such a great vibe going around right now with a bunch of my friends getting pregnant, having healthy babies and all sorts of merriment in the baby department! Congrats to everyone that has been blessed and many prayers to all of you for healthy pregnancies and babies!!


Jewels said...

((big grin)) Thanks so much for all your support.

And I don’t know how cravings work during pregnancy - but I sure crave salt. It started before I even got my BFP - I would even lay in bed at night or when I'd wake up and just crave something salty, mostly chicken soup with salsa in it. And tortilla chips. Aww man - I may need to go eat that for breakfast (giggle)

Anonymous said...

I think this "pregnancy craving" crap is a myth devised by the female masses in order to torture their male counterparts.

Personally I can say that I wake up ROUTINELY at three in the morning craving beer and raspberry cheesecake....and OBVIOUSLY i'm not preggers.

So I think you people (the hormonally challenged preggers) should stop panhandling for sympathy because your hungry and just get with the times.

As for grape juice....COME ON, we can do better than that...and chicken soup with salsa?....actually that one sounds ok.

Sometimes I like tepid fish sticks and cold cheez whiz mixed with room temperature tuna fish. Once again, not preggers, just hungry.

Kelly said...

Lee, you are so digusting!! Just wait until you're married... I can't wait to see you try to tell your preggo wife it's all a myth. You are going to be buying diamonds and unicorns for years to come!! ha ha ha!!!