Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy.... SNOW!

Well we have enough snow now! Actually we have enough snow for quite some time, thank you very much! The storm hit Saturday nite and by Sunday morning most of eastern ND and western MN were shut down. We had a 3 foot drift in our front walk way and a 2 foot drift in the driveway...not too bad. By Sunday evening, there was a 6 ft drift on our sidewalk to our front door and a 4 ft drift in the driveway. Now keep in mind that wonderful husband of mine who was suppose to be home decided he couldn't afford to get snowed in so he left early Sunday morning (4 am) to get to IA for work. Nice:/ Not only was the snowblower still in the horse trailer but there was no gas either. Plus a pregnant wife. Not cool! I was PISSED! Not only did he leave me high and dry or should I say stuck in a drift but he didn't really seem to care. He's like "you don't have anywhere to go". Um thanks a lot. Now we do have 2 4-wheel drive vehicles in our garage/driveway but the drifts were so high that there was NO way I could bust through them. Lance did call one of his buddies to come snowblow me out but he wasn't coming until noon because he works in B'ville so he was at work. Mike was willing to come help me on his lunch break! What a guy! So I bundle up, get the snowblower out of the trailer, luckily it has a little gas left in it. Spend 15 minutes trying to start the dumb thing then I'm rolling. Not only did I snowblow most of our driveway (no thanks to my husband) but I knocked down the huge drift in front of our front door and shoveled most of that away. Then I dug out some of a window well (my scraproom window) so I can get some natural light in there. Luckily our neighbor noticed it was me snowblowing and he came over to help me with the huge drift at the end of the driveway. Mike came over at noon and finished the front walkway. I'm wondering if snowblowing and shoveling is a ~no no~ for the pregnant? Lance doesn't care... he told me if I was so concerned then why didn't I wait for Mike to blow the driveway? Hello?! Mike is on his lunch break, Mr. I never think of anyone else but myself or my business! Thanks a lot for all the love and concern. Blah!

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Jen said...

Bad Lance! Doesn't he know not to anger a pregnant woman? If not he is about to learn, LOL!

That is a whole lot of snow. We in Seattle got a half inch so of course you get several feet in Minnesota. The funny thing is that Seattleites consider themselves homebound with that amount of snow. And there is a huge snow storm in store for us maybe a couple of inches! Try not to choke from laughing.