Monday, December 22, 2008

We've got movement!

While we were in SD for work, Lance and I were talking and I absently rubbing my belly. Lance asked if I was hurting... I realized what I was doing and told him no. I concentrated on it a little bit and then realized Baby2 is doing the same thing Lily did when I first felt her around 16 wks. It's like they rub their little foot or hand up and down my insides and tickles like crazy. So I gave Baby2 a little poke but s/he didn't care. S/he kept on rubbing. Dang kid!! We've got attitude already! Shouldn't that wait until at least the teenager years?? Wishful thinking huh?!

Well, I've gotten all the Christmas baking done, presents wrapped and all is ready for Christmas! Bring on the festivities!! My brother is staying with us for a couple of weeks so I'm hoping to get some work out of him. That might be wishful thinking too! He's very artistic so I'm going to have him start on the nursery painting. We're doing 3 colors and a mural so there will be lots of work to do but it's going to be gender neutral so we only have to do it once! My MIL and AIL are going to help too so that should be fun! I'll post pictures when it happens. I bought the Low-VO paint since the nursery is right next to our bedroom. It was expensive but worth it in my opinion.

I need to get caught up on my JYC too as I'm WAY behind. I think I'll just be doing the journaling and very little scrapping in order to catch up. Maybe tomorrow!!

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