Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hurry up and wait.

Lance and I are sitting in the hospital...we've been here since 6:30 am today and most of yesterday afternoon and evening while Lee (my brother) is getting tests done due to his liver problems. No problems with Baby2!! Yesterday everything went really well and so far everything is good today. Lee is getting a liver biopsy right now so Lance and I are heading for the cafeteria. We actually had a great breakfast this morning! Lee is going to be sedated for the procedure so he'll be in recovery for a couple of hours. We can go sit with him once he gets back. He is usually very out of it but comfortable. I've never had anything like this done so I'm hoping that the biopsy isn't too painful. It didn't sound to bad. We will be heading home with Lee either today or tomorrow depending on the weather and how Lee feels. B'ville has already received 6 inches of snow this morning with more on the way.

We have 3 parties to attend tomorrow for New Year's Eve. 2 in B'ville and 1 in Fargo. It will be lots of fun but this pregnant girl needs some good sleep in order to even consider staying up until midnight! Then we have Lance's family coming over New Year's Day to celebrate Christmas. We'll have a full house since Lee is staying with us until Sunday but we have lots of beds and lots of couches! Then we're off to Brai.nerd friday to go to Dennis and Joanne's house for the weekend. Lots of activites and travel plus we hit the road for work on Sunday for a week full of travel. YIKES... makes me tired just thinking about all of it!!

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Jewels said...

Makes me tired just reading it. :::wink:::

Have a wonderful New Years.