Thursday, December 11, 2008

Running, Running, Running

why is it that I seem to be doing tons of things but nothing ever gets accomplished? Plus I'm always tired. Now that I am in the 2nd trimester, my energy needs to get back up there again so I can get some of my projects accomplished before Baby2 arrives. Poor Lance has been doing so much and I've been a lump. I do get things done but just not like I use to. Grrrrr.

I'm off to get my haircut today and run some errands. Lance is on his way home so that is very nice because we're suppose to be getting quite the storm this weekend. It usually storms when he's gone so I have to shovel or snowblow. Not this weekend!! YAY!!

We have a relatively boring weekend coming up so I'm really looking forward to that! Lance needs some down time to recover from his travels and catch up on some sleep so we're going to lay low this weekend! Maybe go to a movie!

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-the brother said...

Oooo, Oooo, (hand raised in the air and half out of my desk)!! Let me answer this one..Oooo Ooooo!!

First Question (i know its a question because it ends with a ? and thus begs for an answer).

why is it that I seem to be doing tons of things but nothing ever gets accomplished? Plus I'm always tired

-Ans. The reason why it seems that you never get anything accomplished is because Lance HAS to sleep at least sometimes. I've seen the "projects" you dream up, such as dinner and force your husband (and/or brother when home) to finish said project while you go-"play with kitties." And for part two of the above question about why your tired......

Actually that one i have NO idea, only that being bossy must REEAALLY take it out of you when your pregnant, because when you weren't, you seemed to be able to be bossy for the better part of 28 years.

As further evidence to support my case, you mention that we are supposed to be getting a storm this weekend. You sounded sooo happy that you wouldn't have to do any shoveling at all whatsoever since Lance is home. Yet another project that has been schlepped off to a good and decent man (much like your brother who was victimized by said pattern prior to husband (28 years worth, have fun lance, MUUHAHAhahahahaha (i must save myself, sorry))).

You speak of the movie you may see this weekend, assuming lance can finish some projects....and then be reduced to a chick flick and "sniffed" when he sits down with his popcorn (synthetic butter does have a smell all its own). Poor guy, buy hey, tough shit buddy, every man for him self (see aforementioned manical laughing).