Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a nice Christmas!

It was relaxed and enjoyable. Spent with my family Christmas eve and Lance's family Christmas day. It was so nice. We have one more Christmas to go with Lance's mom's side of the family on New Year's Day. I received some great gifts!! Lee and Lance gave me a Cuis.enart mixer! I have a smaller Kitc.henaid mixer but there are many times when I wished it was bigger. This thing is heavy duty!! I also received some fabulous scrapbook stuff! YAY!! Baby2 even had a present! Grandma Fahy made Baby2 some blankets. Very nice!
On Christmas Day Lance, his parents, Lee and I started working on the nursery! I've had everything picked out since Lily but we never started on it because we found out about Lily's problems. So once we got pregnant with Baby2 then I picked up paint after 12 weeks so we could get started. I took a bunch of pictures of before during and we're not to after or done yet so that will have to wait:) I also haven't uploaded the pics yet but I will soon! I turned out SO cute!! I absolutely love it!

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