Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rockin' around the Christmas tree!

It is Christmas decorations for as far as the eye can see! Lance is on the ladder as we speak, setting up his train that goes around the top of the tree. He loves this train but it doesn't match my color scheme. Do you think he would notice it if I painted it to match the purple scheme of the tree and room? I bet he wouldn't... We'll see....
We're listening to Christmas carols, Lee and the animals are entertaining us with their antics and I'm putting decorations on the tree and surfing the net. Now if it could be softly snowing, it would be perfect!

The entryway is packed full of totes. So hopefully no one comes over because there's no way they would get in the front door. We're not decorating as much as we did last year because A) we're not on the Tour of Homes this year and B)most of the decorations are going to be packed up in the Trailblazer to be used for decor at Ember's wedding.

I've got pictures of thanksgiving that I need to post but I'm using Lance's laptop and the pictures are on my computer downstairs... so it will have to wait until later.

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