Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poor Uggs

We took Uggs to the vet yesterday and they diagnosed him with a severe tendon strain on the right hind and mild strain on the left hind. The vet is guessing that Uggs jumped off of something and landed wrong. This happened on Thursday, then on Sunday Lance walked up into our loft all bundled up from being outside and Uggs freaked out and jumped off the couch (which is low but the injury was already there) and made the strain worse. Now Uggs can barely walk in the hind end so he's on cat bed rest. Poor thing!! We didn't get any pain meds for him because we don't want him to move too much and rip the tendons. He is better today then yesterday and Sunday so he is improving. He's laying under Lance's side of the bed just purring like crazy when you check on him.

I want to send well wishes and prayers to Ember & Aaron as they are in Minneapolis with her father-in-law who had a heart attack at the Minneapolis Airport last Friday while trying to catch his connecting flight home. It sounds like he's getting better but the chance that he'll be able to attend the wedding is definitely in jeopardy.

Also needing some well wishes and prayers but for a good reason is Kat and her DH, Thomas, as they are off to the hospital this morning to delivery their son, Cullen! He is breech resulting in a c-section for Kat so I want to send them lots of positive vibes for their very exciting day!


lee said...

What about my well wishes, what the crap? Seriously, you well wish the cat but nothing for the sibling. Honestly, the cat isn't hurt, he's fat and lazy, and extremely pleased (thus the loud purring) at himself for conning both you and lance.

Jewels said...

Oooh, Poor kitty - good thing they have 9 lives.