Monday, November 24, 2008

Think skinny thoughts.

I'm off to try on my bridesmaid dress this morning and get it fitted or unfitted. Even as the belly is expanding in unheard of proportions, I do believe the A-line-ness of the dress will work in my favor. I'm also going to get the rest of the Thanksgiving groceries and pick up some groceries for Ember as she's still having a crazy time with Aaron's dad in the hospital and running back and forth to Minneapolis plus a little thing called HER WEDDING in 2WEEKS! Yikes!!

Once back home, I'll be cleaning and getting some of the food in order and lined up. Nothing glamorous or fun but essential. I might sneak in a nap too;) We'll see!

I'm going to try to talk Lance into going to Twili.ght with me too. I want to avoid all the screaming teenage girls so maybe we can go during the day! I've read all the books and they are amazing!! I love them:) We'll see how long it takes to get everything done in Fargo.


Jewels said...

I'm waiting to see Twilight too because I don’t want to watch it with the Teen Crowd.

Morgan said...

I just found your blog again through Jewels...I didnt know you were pregnant again OMG congrats girl!!