Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1st dr. appt a success!

We had our 1st official doctor appt this morning and everything looked great! This is a huge relief to Lance and I as this was the appt that Dr. R thought something looked wrong/weird with Lily. He said Baby2 looks perfect and sees nothing to be concerned with!! YAY!!! We have a picture but I need to scan it so I will do that tomorrow. I can't really tell what is what but I think I see a leg:)
I've gained 2 lbs also:/ I was hoping that I would stay the same weight as I did with Lily (never went up a single lb all 21 weeks but I had a lot more sickness with Lily too) but alas that is not going to be the case! My jeans feel looser in the butt and thighs but the tummy is barely fitting. I guess it's going to be stretchy pants sooner than later. I just hope I can wedge myself into my bridesmaid dress in 3 weeks. God willing and grease helping -I will;)

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