Thursday, November 6, 2008

I feel like I'm in a holding pattern.

I'm pregnant again (as I have been for most of 2008) with hopefully a MUCH BETTER turn out than the first time. I love the fact that it took us no time at all to get pregnant with Baby2 but I miss feeling like my normal self. I am ~not~ complaining about being pregnant because it is such a blessing and we are very lucky to be blessed again BUT there are things that I do miss from my ~normal~ life. I've been in the 1 trimester for 5 months in 2008 and it's getting a little old! Bear with me now as I list my "can't wait to do again"!! Again I'm not trying to take anything away from the blessing that is Miss Lily and Baby2 but if you've been pregnant, you know how the 1st tri can be ICK!

this is SO #1 on my list!! I can't wait to start showing again too. It's painful to have such an awesome horse just sitting in the pen waiting for me to get my crap together! To remedy this, Faith is going to the trainers in Feb for some finishing and hopefully I'm not too ginormous so I can show her in halter and showmanship while the trainer shows her in the riding classes. That should help fill my horse need:)

2. Be able to eat and smell anything and not gag.

3. Multitask
- I am the QUEEN of multitasking and I cannot do it while pregnant. I don't have the memory or the energy for it. I have SO many projects I'd like to get done but mostly I wind up on the couch taking a nap. Thank God I have an amazing and understandable husband.

4. Go from sun up to sun down (like I use to) and not need to sit and rest.

5. Lift my saddle out of the trailer by myself without my husband yelling at me.

6. Be able to get my butt into the bed in the gooseneck of our horse trailer without the help of a crane, fork lift or Lance pushing my butt all while I'm giggling so much that I can't pull myself up. It's quite the process to get up there while pregnant. Hence the need for a RV instead of the horsetrailer.

7. Drinking!
-whether it's Diet Dew or an ice cold beer, I would LOVE to have some! Now I ~know~ several people that don't give up caffeine while pregnant and do have an occasional alcoholic sip or two but I don't. For 2 reasons.....#1 is that Diet Dew tastes weird while I'm pregnant. It has a metallic taste...ick. #2 is because I'm basically a goody-two-shoes and while I ~might~ have a sip or 2 of wine around Christmas or Thanksgiving I couldn't in good conscience drink while being pregnant. My perinatologist (w/ Lily) said having a glass of wine early in the pregnancy was not a problem and that Lily wouldn't be getting any of it anyways. I still didn't have any but she's the expert so a little sip here or there might happen as long as it doesn't ~smell~ funny.

8. Plan where to eat a week or 2 ahead of time without worrying about whether it will agree with me or not. (this is such a pain!)

9. Button my pants!!

10. Snuggle with my hubby at night.
- I'm so warm all the time (more so than usual) and Lance is a furnace so it's more like a firm handshake or a pat on the shoulder than nice snuggling in bed. Although that's how we got into this ~situation~ so maybe I'll have to rethink that;-)

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Jen said...

I can definitely see why a person really wouldn't not want to be pregnant for the better part of one year. I know you are happy, but at the same time ick!