Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comparing pregnancies.

I haven't gotten a pregnancy journal made/started for this pregnancy as I've been so tired and the basement has a funny smell that only I can smell. It's apparently a pregnancy thing! So I'm going to try to journal here once a week (at least) about Baby2 so that way I can have info for my preggo journal once I make it.

Comparing Lily vs Baby2

-mild heartburn at bedtime
-all day and night nausea for 2.5 weeks
-super tired
-slightly sensitive to smells
-can't stand chocolate or diet dew
-hair/nails growing like weeds
-very bloated during the 1st tri
-gained no weight in 21wks

-lots of heartburn all the time especially at bedtime
-extremely sensitive to smells especially air freshners
-mild nausea if I don't eat right away when I start to feel hungry
-still can't stand diet dew but can do a little chocolate as long as it's not straight's
got to be with something else like the scotcharoo bar I had yesterday! Yummy!!
-super tired
-mild acne
-hair/nails growing like weeds
-expanding A LOT faster this time
-not as bloated feeling
-gained 2 lbs at 9wks

So going by the extreme differences in the pregnancy, I'm going to put my vote in that it's probably a boy. I'll be very surprised if it's another girl. I'd like a couple of each so I don't care what the sex is as long as s/he is healthy!!

Right now I'm watching foo.tball and surfing the net while Gri.swald, I mean Lance, is working on the Chri.stmas lites. It was such a nice day out that I put up all of the lites on the bushes in the front and back yard and Griswald was on the roof. It's nice to have a lot of that done before the snow flies and stays!


Jen said...

I'm voting boy this time around too!

Anonymous said...

I find it extremely difficult to believe that you had any "helpful" hand at putting up the lights. More likely the case was along the lines of slave driver/sweatshop pit boss beating the husband. I'm sure he was greatful.....i'm so glad i found the comment section on your blog....guess who

Kelly said...

Thanks Lee!! You crap!! I did put up all the lites on the ground, thank you very much!!