Thursday, January 17, 2008


are the M&M's that I ate last nite and hopefully will have tonight too, if Lance doesn't eat them all when he gets home! (You better not Mister!!) I failed in my attempt to eat all of them. I only had a couple of handfuls. That's good news to my pants as they won't have to strain to fit around my butt and waist!!
So I really don't have anything too interesting to tell you but I don't want to give up on my NY resolution so I'm blogging about nothing-ness!
One of my fellow TTCer (Kat) googled her name with ~needs~ after it so I thought I'd do the same! Here are my results of "Kelly Needs":
  • Kelly needs her brother backstage. -not really as I'm definitely not a singer/performer
  • Kelly needs a little guidance. -true, true
  • Kelly needs a quivering antenna. -not so much!!
  • Kelly needs modesty (something to do with nude pics!) -ha ha ha!! This one is true except for the nude pics part. Pa.ris Hil.ton I'm not!! I've always said it's real life or not at all.
  • Kelly needs to prepare and think about a hundred things. -yep, that could work
  • Kelly needs this guy banned. -well, no.

I'll stop there as the next few where about R.Kelly. We don't need to go there:)

So that's it for today!! It's almost Friday !! YAY:) Lance comes home tonight! Double YAY (wink wink!!) (Sorry if you're reading this Mom!! You might want a mental bleaching!! tee hee).

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Jen said...

I find the quivering antenna one strangely disturbing.