Monday, January 14, 2008


It's freaking freezing here! It's getting colder too! How can that be? Isn't it suppose to warm up as the day goes on? Not in MN/ND! It's also windy (not surprising) which makes it even worse. I believe it's 16 below and 32 below with the wind chill. YIKES! Thank goodness I have great in-laws who called last night and suggested that they come pick up the dogs this morning so they didn't have to go outside all day in the cold since Lance hits the road again and I work all day. How nice is that?? Now we have winter/snow dogs with hair/fur like you wouldn't believe so the dogs are not being abused when we put them in their kennel that is attached to the garage. They can come inside the garage and lay on their heated pad whenever they want too. They love to just lay outside in the snow but even this morning they wanted back inside as soon as they did their "business"! The offer from my in-laws comes just hours after Lance picked up the dogs up from G&G Haugen's as they had them for the weekend while we were in Bismarck. The dogs love it at G&G's house. There's so much to explore and play in/with. Whenever we get them back from G&G's, they are always exhausted. It's too cute:)
So here is a big huge THANK YOU shout out and hug to my in-laws. We really appreicate all that you do for us!!! I think we'll keep you:)

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Jen said...

My dog would hate living where you do. He thinks going outside to pee is tough when its rainy and 50!