Monday, January 21, 2008

Ember Day Part 1: done and successful!

We found flowers that look real but don't cost a fortune! YAY! They are really pretty roses. Ember and I grabbed all Hobby Lobby had in stock. They were 50% off so she saved a lot. She'll have to go back for more, once they restock, as there were only enough to do a couple of bouquets and several corsages and boutonnieres. I was amazed at how many brides were in there stocking up on flowers.
This Saturday is Ember Day Part 2 :Wedding Dresses attack!! Ha ha ha...actually we're hoping to attack the dresses and find her one. Ember is going to have a huge following of women with her. Hope David's Bridal is ready!!
As for the rest of the weekend, we watched football all yesterday. We watched my Tom Brady (swoon) beat the Chargers and poor Green Bay and Brett Favre lose. I was really hoping to see Favre in the Superbowl...not that he could beat my Tom Brady but at least he would have gotten to go again.
In other news, HUGE news, one of my online friends Jen got her bfp (big fat positive...aka she's preggo!!!) This is such great news as she's been trying for over a year and finally she got her illusive positive!! Best wishes to her, her hubby and baby!! May it be a very uneventful and boring pregnancy!!! :)

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Jen said...

Thanks for the Congrats Kel! Because of that, I'll let it slide that you like Tom Brady better than Brett Farve, LOL!