Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still cold...

OK, there is a distinct possibility that I might complain about the weather and coldness for the next week or so. Bare with me! It's freaking cold here!! I need a vacation!
Alright, I'm done.

For today: a busy run from store-to-store day, after I'm done with work of course.
On the to do list:
-go to Michaels for a new scrap things for an album I'm working on as a gift
-go to Scheels Sports and try to find adhesive stretchy tape for Faith's leg (I can't find that stuff anywhere!!)
-go to barn to exercise Faith and re-wrap her leg
-exercise myself (treadmill+me+45 mins=sweaty, tired girl!!)
-make final adjustments to Ember's engagement pics
-edit and print of pics for scrapbook gift album
-pick out clothes to order for NDQHA
Crap, that's a long list! I've got more too! EEK!! I'll just leave it at that and hope that I can get half of it done:) I lead such an exciting life. ha!

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