Friday, January 25, 2008

5 inches gone...

and some new high-lites!! I feel like a new woman:) My hair was so long it was just unmanageable so I cut it off! 5 inches sounds like a lot but my hair is still past my shoulders. I was wanting to go shorter but I kinda chickened out. I normally don't do that but my reasoning was that I still need to be able to put it under a cowboy hat when I show my horse. Missy (my stylist) left just enough length so I can still get it under my hat. I still might go shorter at my next appt in March. We'll see.... Either way, I'm really loving it being shorter. It looks a lot thicker too and not as static-y. YAY:)

On the agenda for the weekend:
1. Take more engagement pics for E
2. Lunch w/ E and the girls
3. Dress shopping and bridesmaid dress trying on w/ E and the girls
4. Exercise Faith
5. Work out
6. Scrapbook
7. NDQHA stuff
8. Clean scraproom as I have been rearranging (poor Lance!!) and reorganizing
9. Attempt making a cricut cover
10. clean and organize house (notice how this is last on the list!!! that's where it needs to be!!)

On a side note, I LOVE working in my scrap room. I love to organize it, clean it, scrap in it, play on the computer, edit and organize pictures. Really anything that can be done in my scraproom is fun! I love all the pretty colors, textures, sparkles, glitter...all of it. I love to be creative and make things. I'm sure Lance thinks I'm crazy for putting so much effort into my scraproom but that is my favorite place in our house:) After work, I'm off to get some more cubes from Michaels (they are half price!!) for all my scrap goodies. I can't pass up a good deal especially when I need more storage!!

Have a great weekend!

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