Thursday, January 24, 2008

To cut or not to cut???

That is the question of the day! I have a haircut and color appt after work today. My hair is kinda driving me nuts so I'm contemplating cutting it. My hair's the longest it's been in 6-7 years. It's about half ways down my back...maybe 1-2 inches above my bra strap. I'm enjoying it long but I'm not a stick straight/limp hair girl. I'm more of a Texas/big hair girl (loved the 80's!!) but that's not working for me with this long hair. Plus I'm not getting up 30 minutes earlier to "do my hair" with a curling iron and hot rollers. I've always liked my hair to ~look~ done not just laying there limp and static-y. But I really like being able to throw it in a ponytail when I don't feel like messing with it. I've also got to consider E's wedding even though it's not until December. I'd like to have an up-do but it's not essential (or mandated by E). Such decisions!!

I'll update you tomorrow as to what happened!

I also found another little project for myself, maybe this weekend if I get a few other projects done first. My mom nabbed me a cricut (scrapbooking tool) at the Wal-Mart black Friday sale at 5 am since she was there and L* & I were in the cities and couldn't find any. I haven't played with it a ton yet but what I have done is awesome!! So while my bug is sitting on my desk, I want to protect it from dust, fat cats, hair dogs, ect. I was searching on 2Peas for some examples and I found this (made by gg loves Matthew on 2Ps):
Now I'm not a sew-er per se but my mom is a home ec teacher so I have some of her influence in me. I think I can probably manage to put this together although I don't know how to do blanket stitches on my machine but mom does as it's her old one. If I can't get it the way I want it, I'm sure I can bribe mom to make it for me:) It's made out of felt so I need to go pick some of that up plus some embellishments to decorate it with. I'm not a heart and flower girl so mine will probably have bling on it instead of the fluffy stuff. Of course it will be purple with some lime and fuchsia accents to match my scrap room. I love ALL things purple!!!

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Jen said...

Whenever I get sick of my hair I find that going shorter always helps!