Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

What's on the agenda for today you ask?
Well, since it is beyond cold here still! (Today is a high of -4!! Tonight is going to be -25 with a wind chill of -45!! Ick!) I'm going to run to a pre-inventory sale at my favorite scrapbook store on my way home (I've got a coupon burning a hole in my pocket!!). Then finish putting all the Christmas stuff away, write some Christmas thank you cards (I know...I'm late on those! Oh well, better late than never!), do some photo editing and snuggle with my hubby! I might try to squeeze some time in on the treadmill too, we'll see:)

Tomorrow is Ember Day! Happy Ember Day everyone!! What the heck is Ember Day? Ember is my BF and she just got engaged so I've deemed tomorrow as Ember Day on my calendar or else it would fill up with something else. Since she is the bride (finally!!) and all need to serve her, I'm doing my BF duties!! We're going to do a bunch of wedding stuff. What exactly I have no idea but I'm excited to help never-the-less. Next Saturday is Ember Day too as we're going dress shopping! Can't wait!! I'm going to bring my camera as it will be entertaining! Ember is about 5 feet tall and tiny skinny. When she was trying on bridesmaid dresses for my wedding we had to use utility clips on the back of all the dresses in order to keep them on her. She's also the pickiest person I know (other than myself!). Good times!!

Have a great weekend:)

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